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New Moon Robward merchandise

I had seen the calendar and the bookmarks but the bracelets are new to me.


Source: Carina Olsen over at Loving Rob

Blast from the past Daniel Gale style

So far we’ve posted pics of Rob in Tess of the D’Ubervilles, Rings of the Nibelungs, Vanity Fair, GOF, The Haunted Airman, The Summer House, How to Be, Little Ashes, Twilight, New Moon and Remember Me. The only one we haven’t done is The Bad Mother’s Handbook. Well here they are this morning, screencaps of Rob in The Bad Mother’s Handbook. If you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely watch it, it’s a really good movie.


More screencaps after the jump!

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UHQ pics of Robert Pattinson from The Times




The black & white is courtesy of Corrina

Source: RP Source

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