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Robert Pattinson and Bill Condon’s Interviews with Pacific Rim – Breaking Dawn LA Premiere

Bill Condon’s interview.  He mentions Rob

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Bill Condon Talks About Robert Pattinson with Bravo

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Alex Meraz Talks About What He Learned From Robert Pattinson


Robert’s Pattinson Interview with IGN

Rob’s interview starts at 3:37

Click on the screen cap to watch


*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview with VTV1 – Vietnam

Here’s a Rob interview with VTV1 – Vietnam

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New Breaking Dawn Part 1 ‘Edward & Bella Wedding Still’ now in UHQ

Edward & Bella Wedding Still now  in UHQ

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*AUDIO* Eddie Redmayne says Robert Pattinson is a great singer

Eddie Redmayne talks about Robert Pattinson and says he’s a great singer

You can listen here at 2:27


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