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Bel Ami Spanish TV Spots

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German DVD/Blu-Ray release dates for Cosmopolis &Bel Ami

Here are the German release dates and pre-order links for Cosmopolis & Bel Ami

Cosmopolis – October 29

Pre-Order here

Bel Ami – November 29

DVD: Pre-Order here

Blu-Ray: Pre-Order here


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Bel Ami on the Cover of Interfilms Magazine – Spain – September 2012

Bel Ami on the cover of Interfilms Magazine – Spain. 

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French DVD and Blu-Ray Cover for Bel Ami

DVD: Pre-Order here

Blu-Ray: Pre-Order here


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Great Robert Pattinson Pic Edits Made by @Carolinee81

Here are some great Robert Pattinson pic edits made by Carolinee81. Check out her Tumblr here.

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*SCAN* “Bel Ami” in “O Globo” Newspaper – Brazil

With too little blood in the veins

Georges Duroy learns early on not to underestimate women. In the aristocratic world of Paris in 1890, they may be more influential than the passive position of the wives of wealthy men do suppose. Determined never to fight poverty, he gives up the scruples to ascend socially. And women appear as an appropriate way.

Not coincidentally, Duroy seeks to reconcile pleasure and ambition to get involved with the wealthy Madeleine Forestier, initially the mentor of his antics, Clotilde de Marelle, the only one who nourishes sincere interest, and Virginie Roussett, who seduces and then dispenses with ruthless .
Duroy is an empty character. But the film, Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod and inspired by the book by Guy de Maupassant, need not be. “Bel Ami” is without a trace. The poisonous halls of power evokes the infinitely superior “Dangerous Liaisons” (1988), Stephen Frears.
The political context is announced, but do not get real importance in the script. It remains to the public settle for a competent cast (more actresses Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci as the heartthrob Robert Pattinson) and a whimsical production, led by ubiquitous soundtrack.

robertpattinsonbrasil.  | Via  PatStewBoneCT | Via

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Bel Ami Extended Clips – Bel Ami US DVD Coming Out This Tuesday

Bel Ami will be released on DVD August 7th

About the DVD:

Robert Pattinson (Twilight franchise, Water For Elephants) joins Academy Award® nominees Uma Thurman (Best Actress, Pulp Fiction, 1994) and Kristin Scott Thomas (Best Actress, The English Patient, 1996) and Golden Globe® nominee Christina Ricci (TV’s “Pan Am,” Monster) in Bel Ami, coming to DVD August 7th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film follows penniless soldier Georges Duroy (Pattinson), who has returned to Paris from the war around the turn of the century. Duroy quickly learns that by using his wit and powers of seduction, he can improve his financial and social status. The DVD includes the featurette, “Bel Ami: Behind the Scenes.”

Synopsis: Based on Guy de Maupassant’s classic novel, this tale of temptation and obsession chronicles Georges Duroy’s (Robert Pattinson) rise to power from his meager beginnings as a penniless ex-soldier by using the city’s most influential and wealthy women. Set in turn of the century Paris, Duroy seduces Madame de Marelle (Christina Ricci) then marries Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman), a former comrade’s wife. Fueled by his insatiable quest and lustful greed, Duroy conquers Madame Walter (Kristin Scott Thomas), only to learn that every conquest is marred by betrayal and that true love eludes him.

Included Bonus Feature: “Bel Ami: Behind the Scenes” featurette

BEL AMI was directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod from a screenplay by Rachel Bennette, based upon the novel by Guy de Maupassant. Uberto Pasolini produced with Simon Fuller serving as executive producer.

The film has a run time of 102 minutes, and it is rated R for some strong sexuality, nudity and brief language.

Pre-order it now.

Sony Pictures | via RobPattzNews

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