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NEW Picture and interview – Robert Pattinson in GQ Spain


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New Dior Pictures + Interview Rob in Interview Magazine (Germany)


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New Robert Pattinson Interview and Dior Pictures in El Pais (Spain)

Here’s another new Robert Pattinson interview and pictures for Dior Homme in El Pais (Spain)


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Rob on InStyle Magazine Germany – New Dior Picture + Interview (German)


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Werner Herzog Talks About Rob and ‘Queen of the Desert’


Playboy: For your next film ‘Queen of the Desert’ you have cast ‘Twilight’ teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson.
 He approached me. That is why I am taken seriously in Hollywood. Because so many good actors want to work with me. Nicolas Cage was never better than in ‘Bad Lieutenant’.

Playboy: What do you see in Robert Pattinson?
 He has charisma, he is smart, he writes. I hope we will see him one day as a director. ‘Queen of the Desert’ is not yet fully funded, and we don’t know yet where we will shoot. Possibly, that should be in Syria.

Source (in German) | Via | via RPLife

Kate Long Talks About “Daniel Gale” And Rob In New Interview


Blackrod author Kate Long on how Bad Mother made her a better mum

What inspired your first book?
I decided to write The Bad Mother’s Handbook because I felt no one was really writing about the struggle of ordinary women – lower middle/working class mothers who might have to hold down a job and run a household single-handed.
There were plenty of books on the market about London mums who had fabulous careers and nannies, but I wanted to create a world where the clothes labels were C&;A or Topshop rather than Issey Miyake and Ghost. I didn’t actually set out to make it northern, though. The characters themselves announced it, speaking with Bolton accents. So my home ground of Blackrod became the novel’s ‘Bank Top’.
The story itself follows the lives of three members of the same family, a grandmother who is in her late 70s, a 30-something mother and a teenage daughter, and the story reveals what happens to them during the course of a year.

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New interview: Dylan Kussman – Misson: Blacklist’s screenwriter talks about the movie and Rob

Missionblacklistfrance got the chance to interview the screenwriter for Misson: Blacklist‘s – Dylan Kussman. Here are the parts in which he mentions Rob and the movie.


Tell us about your work for Mission: Blacklist and how you ended up being a part of this project?

“I became involved with Mission: Blacklist when head writer and Executive Producer Erik Jendresen contacted me about contributing to the project. At the time, he and his co-writer Trace Sheehan were deeply immersed in adapting Staff Sergeant Maddox’s book, Mission: Black List #1, and were looking for an additional voice to help flesh out the main character and structure his remarkable story as a movie. It was an honor to be asked to collaborate with two such accomplished and well-respected writers, on a story with such an incredible pedigree, and I accepted without a moment’s hesitation.”

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Interview with Guy Pearce about Rob and The Rover


Here’s another interview with Guy Pearce from The Sunday Morning Herald 

Guy Pearce has given a glimpse of what to expect from The Rover, the futuristic film he finished shooting with Robert Pattinson in outback South Australia last month.

Director David Michod’s keenly-anticipated follow-up to Animal Kingdom is “an unusual story” set in a world gone wrong in the near future.

“It’s a military state now, it’s every man for himself a little bit, it’s a very bleak kind of world,” says Pearce, who’s about to reach cinemas as the villain in Iron Man 3.

In The Rover, the Australian star plays the title role, a damaged man named Eric with nothing left to live for. Trying to track down a dangerous gang, he meets a young stranger, Rey (Pattinson), and they forge an uneasy alliance.

“[He's] somebody he has no interest in,” Pearce says. “He’s purely using him to get where he needs to go. So through this bleak … world, there’s a little connection that’s kind of made, which on some level you might think would be a positive thing for this character.

“But on some level it actually makes things worse for him – to really believe that there’s some sense of love in the world or any sense of humanity or compassion. So it’s a pretty bleak story.”

As filming finished in the small town of Marree, almost 700 kilometres north of Adelaide, Pattinson said he wanted to be part of The Rover because “it was a startlingly original script, and it was one of those parts where you read it and you think, ‘I’d love to do this, but I know I’m never going to get it’.”

To play Rey, the Twilight star was dressed as unkempt and unshaven, with make-up to discolour his teeth.

Pattinson says his character, an American who has come to Australia with his brother (played by Scoot McNairy), is “the kind of person who has been brought up to believe they’re incapable of living independently. Someone has always been looking after him.”

The two central characters, Eric and Rey, have a shifting relationship that Pattinson described as “strange and disturbing.”
It’s a film, expected to be out later this year, that seems to have echoes of the classic post-apocalyptic Australian film Mad Max.

”Not as camp though,” says Pearce, was also in Animal Kingdom. ”Mad Max is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s heightened in a way, whereas this is pretty earnest.”

Source | via RPLife

Guy Pearce talks about Robert Pattinson: ‘He’s a really great actor’


Some great quotes by Guy Pearce about Rob from the Daily Telegraph:

ROBERT Pattinson is the real deal, according to Guy Pearce, his co-star in The Rover.

The two actors have just spent seven weeks together in the South Australian Outback, filming director David Michod’s hotly-anticipated follow-up to Animal Kingdom, with Pearce waxing lyrical about his co-stars ”beautiful face”.

”The best thing about Rob is that he is a really great actor,” says Pearce.

”Watching the rushes back, you go: ‘OK, he is just going to be fantastic’.”

The Twilight star plays white trailer trash from the southern states of America in the futuristic western, set in an apocalyptic near future where society has broken down in the wake of a severe financial crisis.

”He plays (the character) slightly backward, emotionally useless and really vulnerable,” says Pearce.

”He’s got this beautiful face so you are completely entranced by that face no matter how ugly he makes himself or how wounded he is, or how manky his haircut.”

Guy talks about The Rover at 3:25 - “It’s a very dark film and Robert Pattinson and I got to do some really interesting stuff together”

The Morning Show
Guy talks about Rob and The Rover at 5:18 - “It was a pretty heavy experience”



Rob’s ‘The Rover’ Double Shares Details On Shoot – interview with Adelaide newspaper

Ash Gale is sharing a bit of his experience with an Adelaide newspaper. The article has details about the shoot, including how locals are helping protect the locations. Click on the picture to read.

SAFM Adelaide also spoke with Ash last week and shared this side by side comparison.



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