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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson During Harry Potter Promo   Leave a comment

Here’s a flashback pic post of Robert Pattinson during Harry Potter promo. 




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New Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson in Toronto   5 comments

from the source:

On one of his many visits to Toronto, Robert Pattinson has hit the city again to shoot another film starring himself and Dane Dehaan titled “Life”. The movie follows the famous James Dean (Dehaan) and his friendship with Dennis Stock (Pattinson) after scooping up an opportunity with Life magazine to take Dean’s photo. We were INSANELY lucky enough to catch a quick hello from Robert Pattinson himself. With his crazy busy schedule and the 13+ hour shoots, we were grateful that he was a complete charmer with his fans.


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French release date for The Rover – June 4th   Leave a comment

The Rover‘s French distributor tweeted about a possible release date: May 21st.  A few hours later, Metropolitan Films posted that there was no official French release yet.

Today the official date has been announced: June 4th



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Nan Goldin mentions Robert Pattinson with ‘Hint Fashion’ magazine   Leave a comment


Your work is primarily concerned with honesty, so how does that work when you photograph fashion or celebrities?

That’s not so much about honesty. It’s more about finding my own aesthetic in the situation — trying to stay true to my own aesthetic instead of doing what they want. A lot of fashion replicated my work but it was all cleaned up. I can have fun, I can enjoy it. It’s not my goal to become close to Robert Pattinson, who I did a big Dior campaign with. I’d never heard of him before! One of my great things is I don’t know who anybody is. If the designer interests me and the location interests me then it’s easier. I photograph places a lot now — architecture, the sky, water. I’m more interested in all of that right now. Sometimes I meet people who touch me. My friends have gotten old and they’re not always as happy to be photographed. But I still photograph some of the same people [whom she commonly refers to as her tribe] that I did at the beginning.

You can read the rest of interview here

Hint Fashion | Via

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‘Maps To The Stars’ trailer to be released soon   1 comment

“David Cronenberg’s MAPS TO THE STARS’s trailer coming soon exclusively on Le Pacte’s Twitter and Facebook”

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in ‘Beauty’ magazine – April 2014   3 comments


See more scans after the jump

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NEW Book ‘Dior – The Legendary Images’ Including DiorRob   Leave a comment

Fans of Rob, photography, fashion and Dior will be very happy to see this production! A great book about the history of Photography for Dior, encompassing 60 years of Dior history, including their amazing campaign with Robert Pattinson.

There will be an exhibition as well called ‘Dior and Fashion Photography’ at the Musée Christian Dior in Granville France.


Amazon UK here with a release date of 29 April  2014.

The book will be released in the US on June 10, 2014 and will be available via Amazon for $38,89 by clicking HERE

Harper’s Bazaar reported about it on their site:


Thanks to Le RPattz Club for the tip

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*VIDEO* Cosmopolis BTS Part of ‘David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition’   Leave a comment

The David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition is a site created by TIFF to explore Cronenberg’s career and work. It features videos, behind the scenes pictures, interviews and a lot more. You can check the full site here.

Cosmopolis, of course, is part of the exhibition with a very interesting behind the scenes video. Don’t miss Rob’s smile at 2:17 after the “cut”.

Behind the Scenes: Cosmopolis: A Specter is Haunting the World

Much of Cosmopolis takes place in the back of Eric Packer’s (Robert Pattinson) limo, which has been cork lined—or “Prousted”—to block out the sounds of the external world. While the limo provides a very intimate setting for Eric and his occasional companions as they make their way through the streets of New York, more than 160 extras were employed as the mob of protestors running rampant outside of the car. This video takes a closer look at the sound design of this film, and the technical challenges of balancing the chaos of a crowd with the extreme quiet inside the limo.

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VIDEO of Robert Pattinson on the set of ‘LIFE’ – March 31st   3 comments


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NEW Pictures of Rob on the set of ‘LIFE’ – LA, March 31   Leave a comment

It’s looking better and better! We can’t wait for this movie…

pattinsonlife (60)


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