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*NEW Audio* Triple J – When We Went Roving with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Segment that includes an interview with David and Rob starts at 23:45 – click HERE or on pic for link


New Interview of Robert Pattinson with RTL “Laisser Vous Tenter” (Audio and transcript)   1 comment

CLICK HERE or the image to listen at the source:

(starts at about 3:50)

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Thanks to LeRPattzClub for the transcript:

It’s Robert Pattinson who is playing amazing this low mind

Rob: He’s always been treated as someone who has a low mind by all the people surronding him so he never had to take any kind of responsability. it’s the same thing when he kills people. For him it’s not real. He doesn’t understand what’s happening and it’s like a game. No one is nice towards him so since no one takes care of him , he doesn’t care about anything. The importance of killing someone doesn’t matter

At the end of the interview, they said Rob could play in another saga. he could play a younger version of Indiana Jones in the 5th sequel.

But this info is to be taken with a grain of salt

AUDIO: New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Interview with France Inter   2 comments

Translation – Starts at 1:00

He plays in two movies at Cannes, The Rover by the Australian David Michôd. In a post catastrophy world, he plays a mugger sort of naive and a little banged up.
Rob: I think it’s kind of funny, I do weird movies and I like weird movies, and those little girls screaming when they’re going to see The Rover. It’s kind of hilarious.

The other movie in which plays Robert Pattinson is in competition for the Palme at Cannes, Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg.
Yes, in Maps to the Stars he plays a limo driver who dreams of becoming an actor. A secondary part but no worries, it’s Cronenberg who two years ago, decided to give him the main role in Cosmopolis, presented at Cannes too, and let him practise his growth as an actor.
Cronenberg: I like to take credit for that. He was a very, very underrated actor but I knew he was talented. My instinct told me he was a star before he had the chance to prove he was a real actor. I mean it’s like when he gave the Palme to Rosetta, everyone told us, it was terrible and now the Dardens keep coming back here and their actors have a great career. That’s when you know your instinct is right and that of course makes you feel really good.

Robert Pattinson expresses then all his gratitude to Cronenberg.
Rob: It’s just someone believing in you. Someone who you really respect and who makes you think about yourself differently afterwards. I was always quite ambious when I was younger but after Cosmopolis you kind of feel like you fufilled those ambitions afterwards and you believe in yourself a little bit more.

Source | Via

Interview with Robert Pattinson on RTL FR about Maps To The Stars   1 comment

Here’s a short interview with Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg about Maps to the Stars.

Warning it’s very short, only audio and in French. The interview stars somewhere around 6.22




“There’s definitely that kind of ‘we don’t give a shit about anything apart from money’. People are like that in LA but there are plenty of people who don’t think like that and to be honest I’ve only had good experiences in Hollywood since I’ve worked in this industry. Of course, I’ve seen people lose themselves but I don’t think it’s Hollywood’s fault but due to their own nerosis. This place attracts a lot of crazies who leave even crazier. But really it’s really fun if you’re not nuts *laughs*”


Source via Le RPatz Club Translation: RPlife

*AUDIO* New Robert Pattinson interview with Glamour Italy

It’s Robert Pattinson speaking, the former vampire who bewitches even without biting. That’s what happens in the Dior Homme cologne adv. That’s what happens one day in Los Angeles, where we met and interviewed him for the October issue of Glamour Italy…


Do you mind if I chew a piece of gum during the interview?». First info: Robert Pattinson is a polite Hollywood star. Twilight, the vampire saga that made him famous, yielded him a popularity second only to the post-Titanic “DiCaprio-mania”. However, Robert remained a 27 year old down-to-earth guy who asks for permission.

And who quickly changes his mind: «Actually, I’m going to spit it: this is disgusting!». He waits for a hint of approval, then rips the corner of a newspaper, wraps in the “gross piece of gum”, and smiles, while hiding the “misdeed” with his hands. Second info: Rob, as his friends call him, with his flipped back baseball cap and his three days’ stubble , is also funny.

«Do you want to try an Italian one?», I ask him. «Really? Thank you!». He delicately takes the package. While opening it, with his half British half American accent, he reads: «Denti bianchi, sorriso protetto (i.e.: white teeth, protected smile)». He hasn’t got a single word, but looks enthusiastic. He tries one, then reclines his head, so all that one can see is his thick eyebrows, and, right below, two blue slits. He whispers: «Yours are much better».

Third info: Pattinson could win anyone over with just one look.

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Full Audio of Rob, Kristen & Taylor Interview from “In Their Own Words”

via sagatwilightargentina | via

Sound Bites of Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show

Below are sound bites of Rob on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! Right click/save as or ctrl+click the titles to download.

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Sound Bites of Robert Pattinson at Times Q & A

The Times Q & A made for some great sound bites of Rob. Listen to the clips below. Right click/save as or ctrl+click the titles to download.

Too manly and too girly:

I only read books with pictures:

Scientific progress goes boink:

The new sex tape:

It’s my peanuts:

Infinite amounts of stuff to play with:

I have no idea if I’m making any sense:

You can’t even do the androgynous:

*AUDIO* New Robert Pattinson interview with W Radio (Columbia) – Cannes Press Junket

Here’s a new Rob interview from Cannes with W Radio – Columbia

Source | Via | Youtube

*AUDIO* New Robert Pattinson interview – Berlin Press Junket

Rob talks about getting inspiration from the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer for Eric’s character.



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