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Old Robert Pattinson Japan photoshoot pic detagged and enhanced

I always liked the pic but there was only one big scan and it had huge texts and a barcode printed over it. I decided to clean it up, give it a little bit of color (there was a tiny color pic and a big black and white scan) and share it with all of you ;) I believe the pic originated from 2009 but I could be wrong. Click to make it bigger.

*New Pic* GQ Africa detagged and bigger

Here’s the new scan detagged and made slightly bigger by @DreamySim1

Click to make bigger

Detagged Pic of Robert Pattinson on the Cover of Italian Best Movie

Here’s the detagged pic of Robert Pattinson on the cover of Italian Best Movie. As usual I did the easy stuff and Maria did the hair. I have no clue how she does it but I’m speechless.

Detagged Remember Me Poster with a Few Colour Enhanced Versions

I detagged the Remember Me Poster and made a few colour enhanced versions for you guys.

More after the jump!

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Tribute Magazine Cover Detagged

Here’s the detagged cover of Tribute Magazine.

Source via RP Life

Detagged, Cropped and Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson from the Japan Photoshoot

I detagged, cropped and enhanced the new pics of Robert Pattinson from the Japan Photoshoot. Hope you like them.

More pics after the jump!

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Detagged UHQ Poster from Sugar Lad as Well as a Black & White Version

I detagged the UHQ poster of Robert Pattinson in Sugar Lad and made a black & white version for you guys.


Clickable version after the jump!

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