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Great Fanmade Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis video

Here’s a great fanmade video by RPattzLove:

Amazing Remember Me Fanmade Video

Here’s an amazing fanmade Remember Me video made by 

Great Enhanced Pics Made by @Fmerob

Here’s a bunch of great enhanced pics made by Fmerob. I was checking her Tumblr today and she has so many great edits. She also seems to like Tyler as much as I do (anyone who’s been following this site for a while knows how much I love Remember Me & Tyler). A few of these are GIFs. 

Make sure to check out and follow her Tumblr here

More after the jump! 


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Great New Fanmade Remember Me Video

Here’s a great new Remember Me  video that was made by 

Great Robert Pattinson Fanmade Video

Here’s a great Robert Pattinson video made by robelied


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Fanmade Video: More Than Just Edward

I know we’ve posted this video before but Biel’s Youtube channel was deleted so I’m reposting it. Also you can subscribe to Biel’s new channel here if you haven’t already. She makes amazing Rob vids!

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Video of the Day

I love this video it was made by Lostimortal2

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My New Video: Caroline Remembering Tyler

Here’s a new Remember Me video I just made. I’m a little bit rusty so I haven’t gotten my full mojo back, hope you guys like it. It’s a video of Caroline remembering Tyler.

I wanted to use more clips from the movie but unfortunantly when I put my Remember Me DVD on my computer it wasn’t in .wmv format.

Music is Gabriel by Lamb

Let me know what you think :)

For those who can’t watch in on Youtube

Remember Me: Caroline Remembering Tyler from Marie L on Vimeo.

Video of the Day: Tyler & Ally

Still trying to get my video making mojo back ;)

Video of the Day

Here’s my video of the day ;)

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