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Japanese ‘Cosmopolis’ Movie Tie-In Book Cover


It will be released on January 28th

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New Breaking Dawn Still Featuring Edward, Bella and Renesmee From the Movie Tie-In

Here is the Breaking Dawn movie tie-in which features a new still of Edward, Bella and Renesmee. 

You can order it here 

ETA: Another Promo Picture added

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French Bel Ami Movie Tie-In Edition



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New Italian Movie Tie-in of Cosmopolis

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‘Cosmopolis’ French movie tie-in cover

Here are some French Cosmopolis movie tie-in covers

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Portuguese Movie tie-in for Cosmopolis now available

Now available the Portuguese new edition of Don DeLillo’s COSMOPOLIS. Published by Relógio D’Água. Available now in portuguese book stores.

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French Cosmopolis Movie Tie-In Edition to be released

French Cosmopolis Movie Tie-In Edition to be released on May 2nd

Pre-Order here


Bel Ami Film Tie In Edition Available in North America for Pre-Order

The movie tie in for Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant is now available for PRE-ORDER at (the Canadian amazon website). The book will be released on June 19, 2102. According to their shipping page, can ship to almost any address in the world.

I have not yet seen the Bel Ami Movie Tie In edition at

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Bel Ami book cover for Portugal & movie tie-in UK

Here’s what looks like a movie tie-in of Bel Ami for Portugal:

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Here’s the UK version of the Movie tie-in (thnx to @JoLovesCake for the tip):

Click HERE to order

Cover and Back Cover of Bel Ami Brazilian Movie-Tie-In Edition


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