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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson’s interview with TV Movie (Germany) + NEW pic from the LA The Rover Promo   1 comment

A former teen heartthrob developed into a serious character actor(actor of complex parts). TV MOVIE talked with Twilight star Robert Pattinson about children, his future and extreme feelings.



Not only a little bit changed: Robert Pattinson is looking for new challenges- and now is shooting sophisticated movies(after his global succes “Twilight”, box-office gross of the vampire saga more than 3,3 billions of dollars). In his new movie, the apocalyptic-drama “The Rover”, he plays an unstable gangster who fights alongside Guy Pearce in a brutalized world through the Australian outback. 

Mr. Pattinson, your new movie “The Rover” presents a bad future. Would you be afraid to have children in a world like this?

Ah, it’s always the same! Every generation believes they are going down the drain(German proverb “vor die Hunde gehen” which means something like they are going to die because of different circumstances). But at the end everything is fine.I believe in the positive human nature. So, for sure I want to have children.

How do you control your fears?
I really would like to go to therapy, but I’m afraid of(laughing).

Seriously, you would not go to any kind of therapy?
That’s why I do auditions for movies. Before them my knees slutter all the time . So much that every time I tell myself I am going to stop acting. Also for “The Rover” I had to control my neuroses before I was able to start finding into my role. But however, at the end I like my ups and downs.

How do you deal with depressions?
They don’t last that long. But when I am into one , I wallow myself in them.

If tomorrow would be the end of the world, what would you do?
Probably I would spend the time with the people who are important for me. Well, or I just would freak out and cross the Times Square naked(laughing).

Your new role is very different compared with other characters you have played in the past. How do your fans deal with it?
You can’t please everybody. And also nobody can predict what the audience and critics want to see at the end.

Do you have made any plans for your career in the future?
I have worked with people like Werner Herzog or David Cronenberg- that’s what I dreamed of when I was like 16. I try to face new challenges and it would be great if the people would appreciate the work I have done.

Would you be willing to play the role of a vampire again?
Sure, why not!

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2 NEW pictures of Robert Pattinson from the LA The Rover Press Junket + Old picture in better quality   1 comment

Here are new and old pictures of Robert Pattinson from ‘The Rover’ press junket in LA

New pictures

Old one in better quality


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2 NEW Robert Pattinson interviews (Cosas and Express) + 2 NEW Pictures from The Rover LA Press Junket   1 comment

Looks like these interviews are from the same roundtable interview as The Manila BulletinTelegraph UKThe Philippine Daily and Star Online, but with some new quotes.


- What have you learned since the end of the saga “Twilight”? 
– It feels like it’s longer, to be honest… it’s all just been a gradual progression. I think, as you get older, like every movie you do you get a little bit more confident… (Manila Bulletin)

- And how can you face the madness of the public against your person?
– I’m curious how people receive the new stuff I’m doing because it’s kind of, you know, I do quite abstract films. So I am curious how people who like ‘Twilight’ will come to see things like ‘The Rover.’ Hopefully, they’ll enjoy it.(Manila Bulletin)

- Why did you choose a genre so different? 
– 50 percent is about being able to work with directors I admire. I think about that a lot but I find it more comfortable to do small roles if I am choosing something for its director. But if you are doing a lead, I try to do something, which I think will precipitate into my normal life. I want to do something which I feel (is) totally impossible for me to do. I think it will make me a bigger person in my real life afterwards. I kind of try to do that. (Manila Bulletin)

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce And David Michôd Interview With Associated Press   1 comment

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce And David Michôd Interview With Associated Press

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*VIDEO* New Interview of Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd with ‘Nerdist’   Leave a comment

New Interview of Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd with ‘Nerdist’  – Click screencap to watch


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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview with Popsugar – LA Press Junket   Leave a comment

New Rob, Guy and David interview with Popsugar – Click on the screencap to watch



Pictures From ‘The Rover’ Press Junket In Los Angeles – June 13th   1 comment

Pictures From ‘The Rover’ Press Junket In Los Angeles – June 13th



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New Robert Pattinson Interview With Yahoo Movies From Press Junket   Leave a comment

The Twilight movies were clearly a huge blessing for Robert Pattinson, but also somewhat of a curse: The 28-year-old Brit has been working overtime to break out of the pin-up mold, gravitating toward edgy indies like David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis and this week’s The Rover, directed by Animal Kingdom filmmaker David Michôd. The sometimes brutally violent film features Pattinson as a left-for-dead “half-wit” who joins a vengeful Guy Pearce’s as they travel across a rural, post-apocalyptic Australia. The very candid Pattinson talked to us about getting down-and-dirty for the role, his strategy for keeping photographers away, and what artist has reignited his love for hip-hop.

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New Robert Pattinson and ‘The Rover’ Crew Interview With Variety   Leave a comment


After a starry premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and director David Michod brought “The Rover” to The Regency Bruin Thursday.

Michod told Variety that he hadn’t been familiar with Pattinson’s previous work. “Rob just came in and did a beautiful audition for me that was both vulnerable and completely alive,” he said.

“This proved that seeing him work with Guy Pearce and Scoot McNairy, we realize he’s a consummate actor,” added producer David Linde. “He’s in the ‘Twilight’ movies and people don’t think of him in this way, but as you see in this movie he’s the real deal.”

For Pattinson, he said his goal is to work with good, ambitious directors. “These roles just don’t come up that often,” he said. “A script like this is so rare, I mean, it’s in the top five scripts I’ve ever read.”

Pattinson plays Rey, a yellow-toothed, simple-minded man who is one of the last survivors in a world 10 years after an economic collapse.

“I like how my character was set up. It was just sort of two really dense dialogue heavy scenes in the midst of almost no dialogue, so it let you be pretty free to do anything with it,” said Pattinson.

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Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the LA Press Conference for ‘The Rover’   1 comment

Photos  of Robert Pattinson at the The Rover LA Press Conference



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