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Pictures of Robert Pattinson from The Rover LA press junket now in UHQ   Leave a comment

Here are some pictures of Robert Pattinson at The Rover LA press junket in better quality


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More NEW pictures of Robert Pattinson from ‘The Rover’ LA press junket   Leave a comment

Here are some more pictures of Robert Pattinson from The Rover LA press junket


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New Robert Pattinson interview with Yahoo Singapore – Berlinale LIFE press junket

pattinsonlife (35)

EN Interview 1 – Ever since the Twilight films turned him into an object of mass attention, Robert Pattinson has tried to find his way clear of fan obsession and make his mark as a serious actor. Films like Cosmopolis and Bel Ami helped distance audiences from his vampire alter ego, and now, in Anton Corbijn’s Life, Pattinson gives what is arguably the best performance of his career. The 28-year-old heartthrob plays Dennis Stock, the photographer whose iconic photos of James Dean during the last months of his life have sustained the actor’s legend even more than his films.

“James Dean is very much an iconic figure to me,” Pattinson says. “He represents disaffected youth and alienation in a powerful way that still resonates with us. Those photos of Dean, like the one where he is walking in Times Square, are much more part of our image and impression of him than his films. You can feel his aura and mystique in those photos.”

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson interview on Scoop with Raya – Life Berlinale press junket

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New Robert Pattinson interview with De Volkskrant – LIFE press junket

De Volkskrant


Actor Robert Pattinson is used to the Red Carpet, where he, thanks to the Twilight series, was often waylaid by teenage girls. Now he plays a Red Carpet photographer in Anton Corbijn’s LIFE.

One of the first things that director, Anton Corbijn, did after he had cast Robert Pattinson was to put a camera in his hands. In the role of Dennis Stock, photographer of the international photo press bureau Magnum, the camera, he thought, had to become a part of his body. He had another reason: Pattinson had to feel how it is to be behind the camera instead of being in front of it.

The role that Pattinson plays in the new movie of Anton Corbijn, that got a special Gala Screening at Berlin, feels a bit like the world is upside-down. In the movie the world star and teen idol stands in between the photographers at the Red Carpet where in real life the 28 year old actor is waylaid by photographers.

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New picture and short interview of Robert Pattinson with Bild – ‘Life’ Berlinale press junket

Thousands of girls are screaming because of HIM in front of the Berlinale Palace. And Bild is inside, real close to Robert Pattinson (28)
During his Berlin-travels the Hollywood star took the time for some interviews. He was tired, the circles under his eyes gave it away – his tight schedule left him hardly any room to relax. He kept himself awake with coffee and chewing gum.
He grew a beard (which looks great!), his hair is messy, sneakers, t-shirt, open blouse: mr. Sexy is really down to earth
Quick question about his new film “Life” (opening on October 1st), in which he plays the photographer of iconic star James Dean († 24). Whether the role has changed his relationship to photographers? “Today, people want to see a star only in the lousy light. Back then it was different, “says Pattinson.
This is the keyword! Fancy a sample photo? “Yes,” grins the vampire from the “Twilight” movies and takes one with the phone. At the sight of our Selfies he is astonished at himself: “I still have to get used to my blond beard!”
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New Robert Pattinson Interview With Reuters From ‘Life’ Press Junket – Talking about Brimstone


Robert Pattinson, who is at the Berlin film festival with Anton Corbijn’s ‘Life’ explains why he can’t sit through premiere screenings and talks about his past, his future and his connection to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ BERLIN, GERMANY (FEBRUARY 9, 2015) (REUTERS) – It was the morning after the night before for British actor Robert Pattinson as he attended a press junket on Tuesday (February 10) after he launched his new movie, Anton Corbijn’s ‘Life’ at the Berlin film festival. However, unlike the other people on the red carpet, Pattinson didn’t sit through the screening of the film.

“I actually didn’t watch it last night,” he admitted.

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