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New/Old fan pictures of Robert Pattinson from Jimmy Kimmel Live (2012) and The Rover premiere   1 comment

Jimmy Kimmel Live (2012)



The Rover Premiere

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New fan picture of Robert Pattinson from Chicago   1 comment


Caption (translation): {In the street i saw a Robert Pattinson, Robert Pattinson was in the street …} ������Things #chicago! TIETEI, but said I was #teamjacob ���� #robertpattinson #robertpattz #twilight#WaterForElephants #fan #chitown #Illinois ����

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New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment


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New picture of Robert Pattinson   3 comments


First day at the Harmony’s shop, first client, Robert Pattinson wearing our Melvin Trench Coat and Tim Tee Shirt. Who will be next?! #harmonyparis


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New pictures of Robert Pattinson with fans   1 comment


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*VIDEO* New The Rover BTS Video and On Set Interview with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment


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John Cusack talks about Robert Pattinson with ‘The Guardian’   1 comment


From The Guardian

Maps to the Stars broods on how celebrity corrupts the fallible. It’s also something of a bitchfest; a blood-letting that Cusack enjoys having a stake in. Hollywood today is closer to Wagner’s vision than we realise, he says. It’s no longer a place, it’s a nostalgic idea. The mega-corporations have stepped in, bringing with them the era of the 50-producer movie. In modern Hollywood the franchise is king, the star is used as leverage. “You can’t make it up,” says Cusack. “It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.”

Young stars should seek shelter wherever they can, he says. His Maps co-star Robert Pattinson is going about it the right way. The film is Pattinson’s second collaboration with Cronenberg after the Don DeLillo adaptation Cosmopolis, which helped R-Patz break from Twilight.

“I think it’s very wise – and speaks highly of Robert [Pattinson] that he’s formed a thing with David. He can try to be good and have a space where he’s not just this product that’s going to be followed around by TMZ. That speaks to the healthier instincts of the guy. I don’t know if there’s that space for other people.

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