Blast from the past Edward Cullen Style   12 comments

I figure you’ve seen these pics, oh, probably a zillion times already. But since I’ve never made a Twilight pic post and I figure you guys never really get tired of seeing these, I thought why not. I also wanted to make a few comments on some of these pics.  I couldn’t help but add the pic of Voldemort running after Rob, because I’m a dork like that 😉

Let’s start with this one… Catherine, I don’t even know what to say about this one. You looked at every little detail in the movie, like an armadillo in science class, a picture of a wolf in Bella’s bedroom… So tell me, please, why would did you think that putting a chart with body parts on it, in a restaurant, would be a good idea?! I don’t know, but when I go to the restaurant I don’t want to have a huge ear right in front of my face, but maybe that’s just me…


I seriously hope Kellan didn’t eat that hot-dog in front of him and what is that in front of Rob?! Are those fries?!


Rob, this is why wearing a belt might be a good idea… just a thought you know lol.


More pics after the jump!

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12 responses to “Blast from the past Edward Cullen Style

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  1. I noticed in the movie, that many time at school, they all ate

  2. Thanks for the Memories 😉 LU

  3. yeah this is great….i created a folder on my computer called “Rob Drought Survival” and have a bunch of your latest posts in there. So I wont even look at these yet but I save it because Lord knows when he’ll resurface again. I’m stockin up! 😉

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  5. I know what I’m doing later tonight when hubby is sleeping and not looking over my shoulder as I’m on the computer, lol.

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  7. @lovingrob Wasn’t in book that all of them were pretending normal humans, so they were picking snacks to have lunch? I can remember at least Edward and Alice doing so…

  8. I remember Edward actually eats pizza in the book. Isn’t it at Bella’s house and she asks him what would happen if he ate? I’ve only read the books 5 times – you would think I would know them by heart. Instead I can just quote every line from the movie, lol.

  9. i really love rob…he is super handsome…i do hope that i could meet him personally…I LOVE YOU ROB..

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