Robert Pattinson and Marcus Foster: Two very talented musicians   1 comment

The Examiner recently wrote an article on Robert Pattinson and Marcus Foster, discussing their musical styles and how they got where they are now.

Robert Pattinson on location for 'Remember Me' in NYC

The Examiner article, after the jump

“What Dreams May Come. . . Two best friends from London, England. Two musicians. Two singers with beautiful, soulful voices. One veers off into some acting roles and the other one goes to college. One becomes a superstar due to a tousled-copper-haired, golden-eyed vampire and another graduates from college while launching his career as a performing singer and songwriter. Two best friends with infinite possibilities for happiness. And all because they are following their own natural rhythms and pace in life. Is it some kind of magic?”

For people who love music – whether it’s composing, singing or just listening to it – it becomes the essence – the “breath” of their lives. Without it, their soul withers into nothingness. They need it as much as they need air, water and food. Rob Pattinson seems to need it. Yes, he enjoys acting. That’s obvious. And, he’s brilliant in his roles, especially in Little Ashes and Twilight. But, like his friend, Marcus Foster, music is Rob’s soul. His passion. His muse.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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