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Here’s an article that was written exclusively for Thinking of Rob by Dave O from Movie Set.

Let me start off by saying that Dave O, has commented a few times on Thinking of Rob, before Eclipse started filming. What I really liked about Dave was that he was in no way related to the Twilight world, therefore his opinion was honest and unbiased.

Since a few months have passed and we all know how things are in Vancouver, I thought I would ask Dave to write up an article for us, his first reactions was: “You know I’m not really related to the Twilight world right?” To which I answered “Yes, that’s exactly what I want, the perspective of someone in Vancouver who’s not linked to the Twilight world.”  So he agreed to write up an article for Thinking of Rob.

 So here it is, a Vancouverite’s persepective  of what’s going on in Vancouver.

By the way Dave, I love that you called Ted a cheeseball 😉


Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild!

By Dave O, Director of Fan Communities, MovieSet.com

A Brief History of Hollywood North

For the last 20 years, Vancouver has grown into a busy shooting location to the point Hollywood Northis a common nickname. While in recent years, a lot of top 10 shows from X Files to Smallville has replaced the reputation as home to well-intentioned but made-on-the-cheap shows like Macgyver. Indeed a lot of films made in Vancouver looked like after school specials or seemed destined to DVD release.


But Vancouver doesn’t care because we’re too cool to care *that* much. Yup, we roll eyes (or even scowl) at movie sets blocking bike lanes, expect limos to wait in traffic with everyone else, and don’t hassle the famous when you see them out in public. Because Vancouver is such a mellow city for celebrity spotters, many famous people make their year round or keep a vacation home (or reserved hotel suite at the Opus) in Vangroovy (AKA Lotus Land).

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Sometimes partying heavy metal bands or actors make the news like Ben Affleck (and many others) at Brandi’s exotic showlounge, Snoop Dogg smoking out the Amsterdam Cafe, or Denise Richards feuding with paparazzi but Vancouveites are more interested in which visiting hockey players were spotted getting buzzed at The Roxy on gamenight. The closest to the celeb-worship wall of fame is the color-copied photos of Ice Cube and Steven Seagal eating hotdogs at the famous Japadog stand.


Started with a Casting Call

Early in 2009 started a change. MovieSet alumni Patrick and Mike spotted a casting call in Craigslist and posted: A mysterious casting call for…New Moon. Within 24 hours, the story went from Lainey Gossip to fan blogs everywhere and the Vancouver Sun picked it up as an after-thought. The amount of fans who came out for the audition role over-whelmed everyone and left thousands crying.

As New Moon filming began, reports would leak but the set was pretty tight aside from a few selected insiders – it seems that Vancity Allie had as good as anyone’s access to New Moon set. But still the mainstream didn’t quite know what to think of shoot.

Now the cast have returned and the media is paying attention. The usually straight-faced Vancouver Sun now features The ‘Twilight’ zone and Twilight Twitter Watch& Twilight location map as examine the mobs of fans and paparazzi suddenly descending on this ultra-mellow city where Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and Bradley Cooper were all simultaneously toiling on movies. But this time things are a bit different.

The Locals are Now Aware

So now, the locals are sorta wondering ‘what’s up with all this Twilight stuff?’ After the “summer of Twilight buzz” with Twilight-related *everything* dominating awards shows, Google Trends, Twitter traffic and everyone’s niece, mom, sister, girlfriend and at least one dude they know’s conversations, people are realizing this is bigger than ’21 Jump St.’ and ‘The A Team’ put together ;-).

But now that the bankability of Twilight is clear, the carpetbaggers have arrived with cameras in hand seeking gossip (like this cheeseball Ted Cascablanca who doesn’t seem to catch his ironic situation in Eclipse Set Goes Into Lockdown) plus the rapid fans traveling from far for a glimpse of the stars who usually do home poorer and sad {i just hope they check out this awesome city beyond suburban dead-end film sets.

MovieSet sorta tried to satiate the unquenchable Twi-hards with a 3 part New Moon set tourvideo series featuring a couple of improv comedians and movie blogger and Twilight enthusiast Marina Antunes of the Row Three site/podcastspreading the sets worldwide with surprising force (and mixed reviews). Plus MovieSet chronicled the whining about Twilight taking over Comic Con and the press conference at Comic Con to a growing audience who always asked for more, more, more (we’re trying!).

Hunkered Down for the Eclipse

 Keep in mind that these stars are still relative unknowns to most non-Twi-fans … and 6 months ago, they went to restaurants barely bothered or recognized. You often hear stories like, “I saw that Twilight guy at Richard at Richards but didn’t realize who he was.” {For me, it’s kinda weird and interesting that they hang out in restaurants I walk by and film in neighborhoods I grew up in but … i wouldn’t ever go hassle them when they are trying to chill and eat.}

Now with fans on one side and paparazzi on the other, the young stars are basically sequesteredor encamped on set. No more nights out at Glowball or Chambar for a Belgian beer cause everyone wants a piece of them – just one photo, just one autograph, just one minute, just one hug … or another Twilight article to drive Internet traffic.

The set locations are quickly sussed out and their favorite haunts in town immediately revealed and the herd follows. Some are making money from tour (see: ‘Twi-hards’ explore sets in Vancouver’), other are going to great length to get a photo while others just want the sets off their running trails or neighborhood. We are following along from the outside and reporting on what we see and hear off the set of Eclipse.

More Twi-news

Here are a few local media reactions to the Twilight filming about the local reaction:

Westender (arts and lifestyle weekly) Twilight Time

The global frenzy for photos of even the most minor cast members has ushered in Vancouver’s first truly big wave of L.A.-based paparazzi — photographers who make a living staking out and documenting Twilight’s every turn. The above-mentioned Justin King, camped out at the airport hoping to get a few shots of the third-tier actors who portray Bella’s human friends, is one of roughly 12 paparazzi shooting the Twilight cast every day, and the only one not temporarily relocated from L.A.

To people familiar with Vancouver’s long-standing reputation as Hollywood North, the obsessive attention from fans and paparazzi may be a boon to the economy, but it’s not entirely flattering. The TwiHards (and another, perhaps more obsessive subset, the TwiMoms) have helped bolster Vancouver’s tourism business by flocking here in droves, just to get a glimpse of anything Twilight-related. Elaine “Lainey” Lui, who pens the blog LaineyGossip.com and interviews celebrities for TV entertainment show eTalk, calls the trend “embarrassing.”

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner drive Vancouver crazy — Twilight hysteria spills over into Zac attack

Vancouverites used to be indifferent to film stars — then came the Twilhards Fans flock to B. C.’s Twilight movie tour – Hollywood North is on the verge of losing its reputation for cool. – Vancouver has seen stars aplenty since the city graduated into one of North America’s film and television centres. A-listers such as Sean Penn and Robert De Niro are seen walking down the street and dining without bodyguards. Heck, Goldie and Kurt felt so comfortable they bought a house here some years ago.

Enter for a chance to win Twilight prizes

“Twi-Hard: Tell Your Twilight Story” Sweepstakes – Enter for a chance to win an HD Flip Cam and signed photos of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

3 responses to “Exclusive article for ToR – Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild!

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  3. Thanks for inviting me to share my musings. I shoulda given a better proof read before sending it to clean up some typos (really, i am not usually this sloppy!). Hope it gave some true local perspective.

    I name checked ya back with thanks at a new Twilight News round-up post.


    Please let us know what else we can provide for Twilight fans (besides Rpattaz delivered to your door ;-)).

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