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Here are the mag scans of Rob in Sweden’s Glamour mag as well as the translation.


Hottest right now!
Forget Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp… According to a survey, among Glamour readers, Robert Pattinson is the hottest right now. And doesn’t he have everything to wish for in a man… he’s sexy casual, makes great music and is dangerously handsome!

A taxi has driven in to him (without causing any damage to him), he makes strange statements about not washing his hair and changes hotel periodically to avoid excited fans.

Hollywoods new darling Robert Pattinson has what makes young females to scream whenever he’s around, which has resulted in him needing at least two bodyguards these days….
Is it his charming british accent, his credibility as a sexy vampire in the “Twilight”-movies or that he looks dangerous and cute at the same time, just like hunk icons such as Marlon Brando och Johnny Depp? Or is it because he just wants to be an ordinary guy, without attention, who’d rather read book and produce melancholy music in an apartment in soho (two of his songs are in Twilight)?
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You decide on your own. Glamour wanted to know everything about the sensation that makes many women tremble.

You’ve had a lot of  attention after the first Twilight-movie. Can you share any bizarre event occurring since than?
Everything that has happened has been bizarre. It’s strange when you’ve just been to the bathroom and suddenly 20 people want to talk to you. And I have not even washed my hands!

How does it feel to cause so much turmoil?
I feel totally cut off from all that. Everything seems pretty ridiculous. I see people as individuals. The ones that screams only does it in a group, and probably feel embarrassed afterwards for doing it. They probably wouldn’t scream if they met me alone. But I don’t care that much about the screaming girls, the real problem is the photographers. A real novelty for them is if I make a fool of myself. As soon as a photographer is nearby he wants me to fail. The fans wants me to win, and I don’t have any problems with that, even if there are a lot of girls in LA who’s completely obsessed by the Twilight books and their characters.

There are alot of advantages of being famous…do you try to enjoy it as much as possible?
– I don’t have any special needs. I have old dirty stuff- like an old scruffy car which is parked somewhere in LA… I like simple things and don’t expect anything from anyone and I don’t want anyone to expect anything from me. But a lot of people want that attention. And the paparazzi think they have the right to take photos, but I don’t have to give them anything at all.

Has the photographers tried to provoke anything?
– Many times. Yesterday it was a gang yelling “smile, smile!” even though I was already smiling, and then I heard: “Oh he’s so boring.” But just a second later they fell into some bushes, and that made me smile even more.

Do you still have that run down flat (apartment) in Soho?
– It was a rented apartment so I had to terminate it when I did Twilight. My friends lived in it, but I didn’t want to rent it for them. Right now I don’t have a home, I live in three suitcases that goes from on hotel to another.

Robert Pattinson grew up in London and had his breakthrough with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but started his career as a model.

– I was 13 years old and looked like a girl when I started to work as a model. It was a relatively successful career since the androgynous look was in, so I got to work for a few teenage magazines, but never got any bigger assignments since I didn’t look masculine enough. I was really thin with a small potbelly, it didn’t work out in the long run since I didn’t want to work out to look more masculine and I didn’t want to diet to look more feminine.

But as an actor you are successful. Do you feel any pressure living up to the expectations to the other twilight movie- New Moon?

– Yes, but at the same time I feel that I’ve done good with the things I’m working on now. The movie is shoot really good and I’m actually looking forward to see it, I normally never feel like that before a movie.

Is New Moon more for guys?

– When I did PR for the first movie they wanted me to speak alot about action. But I said: “But this isn’t an action movie.” But in the other movie it’s all about the werewolves, much more masculine. there aren’t any girly lines and I could relate to this one much more, which moste mean something. The third movie also have much more fighting.

Why are vampire movies so successful now?

– I don’t know. I myself have never been a big fan of vampires. But in Twilight it’s more about metaphors. Even if the audience doesn’t see it, it’s primarily a love story that a dark cloud hangs over. Most people want to have a small secret that they only share with their partner, to make it mor exciting.

Are you worried that you will be associated with your character so that directors wont think on you for other parts? Or that your fans wont accept you in any other part? There are outraged voices protesting against the homosexual scenes in Little Ashes.

– No. Since the economy is so bad I can tell the filmmakers that “I don’t care if I’m wrong for the part, I make that your movie will be made at all”, he says and laughs.
– Ok, yes, I’m a bit worried, but it has not happened so far. I really don’t think you care that much. it’s really hard to get women to go see a movie if it’s not against them. If I, through my participation in a movie, can make girls go and see it then it’s great. I really don’t think that many guys know who I am. So it doesn’t affect them.

How was it to play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes?

– It was an interesting experience. I only had a few things that he’d said or written to relate to and tried to take after some of his features, any kind of essence to relate to. I think I would have become his friend if he was still alive today, but i don’t know if i did a good version of him or not.

When you become famous it’s hard to build real relations since it’s difficult to know why people take contact with you- is it because of the fame or not?

– You really have to decide wether you like the person or not, and if you really do, then fame doesn’t matter. Unless they do something spectacular like stabbing you in the back, and that’s really unusual. You have to trust your instinct if yo really like someone.

Last but not least we want to know if Robert Pattinson is single, and the answer to that question is yes, according to him. But at the same time persistent rumours circulate about him kissing and disappearing alone with his co-star (a Hollywood classic) Kristen Stewart. Maybe they’re keeping it a secret, á la Twilight to make the relationship more exciting….?

The actor Robert Pattinson is 23 years old, officially single and grew up in London. He had his breakthrough with the Harry Potter movie Goblets of Fire and is now making a success with the Twilight Movies, right now he’s up to date with the second movie in the Twilight trilogy; New Moon and also Remember Me starring Lena Olin among others.

Source: Gossip Dance

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  5. “But just a second later they fell into some bushes, and that made me smile even more.” – I love it! 🙂

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