The Fans Fight Back “He Doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We” What can you do?   33 comments


We are still receiving tons of pics and e-mails regarding the “He doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We” campaign. This is getting huge, we never expected it to get it this big, which is amazing. I’m truly speechless at all the pics and support e-mails we have received. You guys are wonderful. I haven’t had time to reply to all of you yet.

I was sitting here this morning wondering what we can do, as it’s impossible for us to keep up with the pics at this point. So for all the people still wanting to send in pictures here’s what I suggest you do, send them to twitpics or photobucket and post the link in the comment of the original post here . If you’re a group of people and have pics and can do a montage (like the ones we did) then e-mail it to us and we’ll add it to the original post (please let us know the amount of pics in the montage so we can add it to our tally).

What else can you do? Spread the message, write comments in the original post and post the video. I still haven’t had the time to make part 2 of the video. I will as soon as I can.

Isabel from Pattinson Online and I will be on Vamp Radio tonight speaking about this.

Posted December 8, 2009 by gittsy in Robert Pattinson

33 responses to “The Fans Fight Back “He Doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We” What can you do?

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  1. Leave Rob alone!

  2. Nous aimons Rob mais laissez le vivre sa vie tranquillement !!!!

  3. “He doesn’t want this, neither do we… neither do I… neither should you!
    He’s a human being for crying out loud. Leave him alone!

  4. I would love to hear your interview. Will you be able to record it and post it here?

  5. We will do whatever we have to do to get the message across to everyone in the world, that we want RESPECT FOR ROB!!! PICS, VIDEOS,LETTERS….EVERYONE PITCH IN AND LETS GET IT DONE!!

    • We will!

      Join all initiatives. On FB “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET”
      Let’s not lose momentum, this is the time to get it done!
      Great to know that there are fans out there who feel as strongly. Two thumbs up!

  6. The papz don’t know the meaning of respect..they are media whores out for the all mighty buck and they don’t care how they get it. We need to stop buying their rags. There are plenty of great mags circulating with great stories without a perevebal gun to Mr. Pattinsons head. Give this poor man some privacy.

  7. this is absolutely NOT normal. this is gross! all we as fans really do want is to see our favourite actor happy, smiling, working on anything he’s interested. we are ok with pics from interviews and red carpets. DO NOT INTRUDE his private life. Respect him, it’s only fair.
    we love you, Rob, we really sorry they behave like this. we hate it because we do love you and we so respect you.
    let all the paps get fired for this lame “work” they do cause it’s not work. it’s bullshit.

    this is from fans in Russia. we respect his privacy, all the paps MUST leave him live his life. stop it!

    • Good on you Russian fans. It’s great to see that all over the world we feel the same way on this issue.

      Could I ask you to tell people in your country and on Russian sites to join our FB protest page “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET! Another way to let Rob and all the Saga Actors we stand by their right go be able to just go for a walk!


      • I am one of moderators of a biggest Russian site in a group devoted to Twilight Saga and our favourite Twilight cast, and we as moderators have made sure EVERYONE in our Twilight-loving group knew about this awful thing happening, and we have people aware and sending pics to you feeling really appalled with this and being supportive of Robert. We’ve got your back, too.
        hope it’ll really work!

  8. Estoy de acuerdo con las demas! Debemos defenderle!! Él tambien es un humano como todoso nosotros y nosotras, no tienen porque hacerle daño, pues también nos lo estarán haciendo a nosotras!!
    Te queremos Robert.

    • Bien dicho Bárbara!
      Tenemos que poner manos a la obra en todo el mundo!

      Tenemos otra protesta en Facebook “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET”

      Únetenos y ayudanos a pasar la voz! La unión hace la fuerza, verdad?

  9. Yo tambien estoy de acuerdo con Bárbara!!
    todos somos humanos y no tienen porque molestarle e ir detras de el..
    nosotros sufrimos también!!




    • Hola Sara!
      Saludos a las fans españolas!

      Te invito a que te unas a nuestra iniciativa en Facebook “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET!” (Por el derecho de caminar en la calle!)

      Protestemos de todas las maneras posibles!
      Invita a tus amig@s por favor!
      Muchas Gracias de antemano!

  10. It’s my pleasure to help out! I hate to see such a wonderful person being invaded. This has to stop before he gets seriously hurt. This should prove the point that we, as his fans, are taking a stand. He deserves so much more than this, and i believe we can really help him!

    • Hats off to you!
      Could you help us out over at “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET!!” too? Join if you haven’t yet and tell anyone you can!

      Like you I really believe we can make a difference by sheer force of numbers!

  11. O bunu istemiyor, biz de!

    Paps! Respect Rob! He doesn’t deserve this!

    Seni Seviyoruz Rob! We all love you, Rob!

    Fans from Turkey

    Hep destek tam destek
  12. I’m so very glad so many people have voiced their disapproval and concern!
    Thank you ladies at ToR !

    If you are looking for more ways to protest come check “FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK ON THE STREET!” over on FB, a protest page where fans can also stand up for Rob’s and all the Saga Actors to be able to just walk on the street if they so wish!

  13. Rob Deserve To Live Free….

  14. Hei paparazzi,Leave Rob Alone!!!!!!

  15. hey we should make like shirts on cafe press and try to promote it!

  16. LEAVE ROB ALONE! We love the pictures of Rob that he willingly does for photo ops but these paps are way overboard. Come on, he’s a person too, he doesn’t deserve to have his life ruined by greedy paps. He deserves respect and privacy in his life. RESPECT ROB!!!

  17. I first of want to say I think it’s great that Rob’s true fans are pitching in to try to give him the respect he so deserves.WAY TO GO PPL!!!!!

    As for all the paps…..We all love Rob and truly believe what you are doing to him is wrong in so many ways.Rob has the same right as any other human being in this world..He deserves his private life IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and we don;t want to see such invasion of some ones private life…Just leave him be to do his job and give him the space he so deserves…….

  18. I support the campaign wholeheartedly. NO celebrity be it Robert Pattinson or Porky Pig deserves to be followed, harrassed, and intimidated by such ignorant people. The time has come for the papparazzi to crawl back in their holes or be fined and sentenced to jail for stalking behaviors since that is essentially what they’re doing. All celebrities, all people, deserve to be able to have their privacy; Robert Pattinson is just the latest victim to the over-zealous papps. I remember my lst celebrity sighting: Tennessee Ernie Ford in a local supermarket. When I pointed him out to my mother, she told me to leave him alone and let him just be a regular person. I was about nine and have never forgotten it since. To all the papparazzi out there: SHAME ON YOU!! Be responsible and let him have the life he wants. You know he’s said many times all he wants is to be normal.

  19. I think you’ve done a wonderful job here. If there’s anything else I can do, just let me know.

    Australia does not like you LA RATS!!

    Great job..


    Jodes (OzTwilighters)

  21. If we put our minds and hearts in this together the papz won’t stand a chance…There must be smth to be done with them…THIS IS NOT MEDIA ANYMORE…This is not the freedom of speech…Why should THEY have the FREEDOM to do such condemned acts and Rob can’t be FREE…It’s wrong, it’s a twisted and misunderstood concept…Something must be done with it…He Doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We. )

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