46 Days Until Remember Me — Fanmade Art Countdown — Videos   5 comments

For day 46 of our Remember Me fanmade countdown I’m posting some videos I made. None of these videos contain spoilers (they do contain some script lines but nothing that will spoil the movie). I have made one video that contains full spoilers. Some people have seen it, but I keep it locked on Daily Motion so people won’t stumble upon it and get spoiled by mistake.

First of all here’s a trailer people asked me to make before the original trailer came out. It was a bit hard to make as we didn’t have any footage from the movie, except some from set that wasn’t really all that great. I ended up not going with that and using just pics.


This second one is a vid I made of the relationship between Tyler and his sister Caroline.


This third one was about the relationship between Tyler and his best-friend Aiden.


The fourth one is the fight scene.

Robert Pattinson – Remember Me fight scene
envoyé par FP113. – Les dernières bandes annonces en ligne.

And this last one you might have seen as I made it recently and it includes parts of the trailer.


5 responses to “46 Days Until Remember Me — Fanmade Art Countdown — Videos

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  1. THANX for posting! the “Boys of Summer”-Vid rocks!!!

  2. THANK YOU for sharing these, they were AWESOME!!!
    the first one *tear*
    the rest were really great with the relationships between them all!

  3. your RM vids make the waiting so much easier until the premiere!! many thanks for making and sharing all of them!

  4. Thanks for posting these because I thought they were FANTASTIC!! I liked what each one was about and also how the songs that you chose mix in so well with the shows. I wish you the best 🙂

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