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From Harry Potter to Eclipse, Which is Your Favorite Role Rob Played?   60 comments

From Harry Potter to Eclipse which is your favorite Robert Pattinson role? I’m leaving out the smaller movies such as Rings of the Nibelungs and The Summer House as not many people have seen them. I’ll probably surprise no one by saying that my favorite Rob role is Tyler Hawkins. Let us know which role is your favorite in the comments.

Here’s a little refresher for you guys 😉

Cedric Diggory – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Rob Nominated in One New Category At The Teen Choice Awards- Summer Male Movie Star   5 comments

Rob has been nominated to another new category

The new category is: Summer Male Movie Star

Don’t forget to vote for the other categores Rob and his films are nominated!

Best Actor(Fantasy) for New Moon
Best Actor(Drama) for Remember Me

Male Hottie

Best Film (Fantasy) for New Moon
Best Film (Drama) for Remember Me

Summer Movie for The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Best Liplock- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for New Moon
Best Chemisty- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for New Moon

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The show takes place on Aug 9th, 2010.


Black and White Pics of Robert Pattinson   4 comments


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