Peter Facinelli Feels Bad For Robert Pattinson   14 comments


You can read the full article here. I just posted the parts pertaining to Rob:

It’s hard to imagine now, but the crowds weren’t always there. While filming the first movie in Oregon, Facinelli said he and fellow actors Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson could grab dinner in local restaurants and no one batted an eye.

“We could’ve been doing a cookie commercial. Nobody cared we were doing this movie,” he said. “We felt a responsibility to make a good movie for the fans of the books. But somewhere between the wrapping of filming and the premiere, that fan base exploded.”

Even after that, the dark-haired Facinelli said he often wasn’t recognized in public. In real life, he’s a young-looking 36 with a healthy glow about him. It takes up to two hours in a makeup chair to transform the actor into Carlisle Cullen, a 350-year-old vampire with bleach-blond hair and pale, shimmery skin.

Of course nowadays, admirers have no problem picking the L.A. resident out of a crowd. He’s happy to sign autographs and pose for photos, though he’d rather not pretend he’s biting someone. For the most part, he said, fans are friendly and supportive.

“They’re very polite about it,” he said. “I feel bad for Rob Pattinson. He can’t walk anywhere. I can still walk through a mall and people recognize me, but it isn’t like the whole mall is staring at me.”


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  5. People show no respect for Rob when they hound him every hour of every day. Give the poor guy a break.

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  14. That’s true. Rob can’t go anywhere without being hounded either by his loyal diehard fans or the papparazis. But I believe his fans are more respective of him and if push comes to shove, his fans would stand up for him and even protect him from the papparazis if the situation requires it.

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