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Here’s the translation of an ‘exclusive’ interview with Robert Pattinson for a special magazine for Eclipse. The magazine contains 6 posters of Rob, Kristen and Taylor (some together, some solo) and one theater-sized Movie poster. Some of the questions/answers are definitely not new (some were even funny and I even wonder if they’re true), but I still wanted to share it with you:

Dutch Eclipse Magazine,interview

Dutch Eclipse Magazine,interview


I did not like the way new moon was hyped!

As vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson did not only conquer the heart of his movie-romance Bella Swan. We had a private conversation with the 24-year-old actor.

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You are currently the most exciting and popular boy in the world!
I try to somehow to deal with, but I can’t. You become a little paranoid, but to be honest it’s fantastic. I now have the opportunity to make the movies that I want to make.
There’s a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders now, there are even dolls and unauthorized biographies of you…
That’s right. Because of the Twilight saga I’m always in the media. They constantly ask me if I am not afraid that I’ll be ‘type-casted’. But I’m not afraid at all. Actually, it’s all about money. That’s how you will be ‘graded’. And if that fails, or if you want to do something else, like playing small roles in smaller films, you will be ignored and forgotten. There is apparently only one or the other extreme.
You could simply play smaller roles …
Yes, I could. But I might not be in front of a camera for ten years because I can’t find good roles. If you’re offered a role in an independent film, one you really want to play, there’s a chance that this movie will never be made because of financial reasons. And that’s too bad!
What review would hurt you most? Were you satisfied with the latest movie Twilight, New Moon?
Nothing special would hurt me. I did not like the way New Moon was hyped. It was not about the movie, but about the brand. Chris Weitz is a fabulous director, I liked the film very much. That’s why I didn’t like that. I’ve been very lucky that I could play in this film.
What is the strangest you’ve ever read about yourself?
I remember reading somewhere that I was pregnant. It was a story in a magazine. I think it was even on the front page.
If you would have 24 hours where no one recognize you, what would you do?
Nothing. When I was in London recently, I could do normal things, no one recognized me.
Maybe because you had a beard?
Why did you have a beard?
I wanted to go to an audition, without everyone instantly recognizing me.
Do you have a fashion-sense and do you have a favorite designer?
I love Marc Jacobs. Actually I wear something from him at every premiere. I believe that those are the only suits that actually fit me and look good on me. I also like cool and comfortable clothes. Preferably second-hand. I go to second-hand stores to buy new clothes. Funny, huh?
How did all the fame change your life?
Outside the United States it’s almost nonexistent. But if I’m in the U.S., I can barely move freely. Every step is watched closely by magazines and commented and there are paparazzi everywhere. I can’t even use the regular door when I go to a pub or restaurant.

What do you do when you’re in London?
I’ve hardly been there in the last three years. I used to live in Soho. Much has changed. It seems they have closed all the places I liked at once – the shops, restaurants and cafes …
Is it true that you were afraid of your fans when you were in Italy filming scenes for New Moon?
I wasn’t scared, the entire city was taken over by Twilight fans and I had to take my shirt off during filming. That made me insecure and it was painful! After all, everyone was watching.
Are there any actors you admire?
I admire Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Gosling
Has it become easier for you to get to know girls, now that you’re famous?
Although I became more self-confident and famous, it’s not easier! On the one hand, I am afraid to succeed with a girl on the other hand, I am afraid to get rejected. It’s crazy really.
You used to make music…
Yes, I performed three to four times a week live before Twilight! Unfortunately I have no time for that anymore.
Do you use the Internet?
I love YouTube! I’m addicted to it!

12 responses to “Dutch 'exclusive' Robert Pattinson interview – translation

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  1. LMAO!!!…You know he subscribes to Biel’s channel 😉

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  3. were did you get this one? is this only available in the Netherlands or also in Belgium?
    I haven’t seen it this week on the newsstands.

    i’ve seen already a lot of dutch “exclusive” interviews from with i think they take some answers from previous interviews and i guess they make some answers up to. I’m imaging that gets paid for inventing al kinds of “exclusive” interviews :p

    • I found it in the Netherlands, not sure it’s available in Belgium. And yes, most ‘interviews’ here seemed to be a mash-up from other interviews. But there are press-conferences where there are questions asked in general with lots of journalists attending: not exclusive, but that’s why in some interviews the same answers pop up.

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