Poll of the Day: How Many of Robert Pattinson’s Movies Have You Seen?   11 comments

It’s been a while since we’ve done a poll so I thought I’d do one today. How many of Robert Pattinson’s movies have you seen?

Here’s the list:

–Rings of the Nibelungs

–The Sum­mer House

–Harry Pot­ter and the Gob­let of Fire

– The Haunted Airman

–The Bad Mother’s Handbook

–How to Be

– Twi­light

–Lit­tle Ashes

–New Moon

–Remem­ber Me

– Eclipse

Note: I didn’t include Van­ity Fair and Harry Pot­ter and The Order of the Phoenix because he only has small cameo roles.

Let us know how many movies you’ve seen in the comments!

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11 responses to “Poll of the Day: How Many of Robert Pattinson’s Movies Have You Seen?

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  1. I have seen 5 of his movies. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Remember, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  2. I meant to say Remember Me. Oops. lol

  3. I have seen 10, ring of the nibelungs, harry potter, the haunted airman, the bad mother’s handbook, how to be, twilight, little ashes, new moon, REMEMBER ME and eclipse.
    love robert. he is a great actor and he will show the world what he can do and he is not only a vampire.

  4. I have seen all of them accept Rings of N. and Summer House, I’ve seen the deleted scene of Rob in Vanity Fair. I think his stand out movies are How to Be and Remember Me. HIs Iconic role as Edward Cullen has brought him great fame but I don’t think it is his best work, that I hope is yet to come and I think Cosmopolis could be where he sheds his Edward personification. I hope so because he has such potential I just hope he takes it and gives it everything he has. Leave it on the floor they say. I believe he can do that.

  5. I’ve seen all of them. Loved all of them , but first was RoN, and I didn’t know than who is he… Iwould love a spec ed. with Rob’s own sound.
    My bests are RM and HTB, but quite love BMBH and HA.
    Just different is Twilight. I think he made a very good Edward, and if he allowed as he wanted, Edward would be a stronger character.

  6. I’ve seen all of them……..Rob is fantastic, perfect in every movie!!

  7. I have them all and have seen them all. He’s great in all of them . You can see how he has grown(acting wise) since Ring. He’s also tried a variety of different roles. I love Remember Me, and also the Twilight films, but he lights up any thing he does. I’m really looking foreward to Water for Elephants.

  8. I’ve seen all of them.

  9. I have seen all but Summer House. I agree that the Twilight Saga has not been his best work. You can do only so much with a terrible script. I this his best work to date is Little Ashes.

  10. I have seen eight of them and have caught the deleted scenes of VF and his brief scene in HP & The Order of the Phoenix. The only ones that I haven’t seen are How to Be, The Haunted Airman and The Rings of Nibelungs. I love his range in Little Ashes and Remember Me. I do think Summit has tied Rob’s hands with the Twilight Saga. The scripts really haven’t showed the many sides of Edward.

  11. Have seen all except Ring of The Nibelungs.

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