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Here are scans of Robert Pattinson’s interview in the Swedish Dagens Nyheter newspaper. We will add the translation as soon as we have it.

Translation and more scans after the jump! 


Translation thnx to @emily8009
In three years, British Robert Pattinson has thanks Twilight films gone from unemployed actor to idol female fan everywhere. DN Sunday´s Maria Lindholm was the onlySwedish interview with the star for his new movie. 

The soon to be 25-year-old Robert Pattinson sits slumped on a folding high chair in a smallroom in the luxury Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Although four people from the film company are in the same room – to film the interview and make sure we speak the outlined time – standing outside the door are Pattinson’s bodyguard Dean and his manager Nick Frenkel.

Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Walz at the same hotel, but it isobvious who is lashed upon. Even if Robert Pattinson hasn´t been a household name more than three years, and in contrast to Hollywood’s A-list names such as Johnny Depp andBrad Pitt have no long film resume or critics praise to brag about, there is no movie star that is currently followed by an equally large army of feverishly passionate, obsessivefans.

Today Robert Pattinson, dressed in gray T-shirt, rumpled blue blazer, beige baggy chinos, and boots, to give interviews for a completely different movie – “Water for Elephants”. Since the actor is known for having large music and literary interests, I have brought with me a Swedish classic in English (Pär Lagerkvist’s “The Dwarf”, required reading for young people with a modicum litteraturpretentioner).

It’s written by a Swedish Nobel Prize winner, is is anything for you?

– Yes, it seems pretty amazing! I have never heard of him? I´ll read it tonight, perfect, “he says, and lights up after carefully reading the back.

Right now plays Robert Pattinson in the last two Twilight Films, “Breaking Dawn” Part one and two, in Vancouver. He has flown down to LA in the morning.

– I had not read the Twilight books before I auditioned for the role, but after I read the first three in one weekend. I felt a bit ridiculous that even auditioned for the movie because Edward Cullen is described as extremely beautiful. It seemed rather smug to show up and even think that you have a chance, he has previously told.

The book series about the love between high school student Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen, 107 years old but frozen in a 17-year-old’s body, in four titles written by Stephenie Meyer has since the first release in 2005 sold over 100 million copies.

When the first book was made into a movie the books were already a success, but no one could predict how enormous the phenomenon could be. Therefore, the roles went to the acclaimed but certainly narrow indie actress Kristen Stewart and the almost completely unknown, British Robert Pattinson. His biggest previous role was as a secondary character in a Harry Potter film.

Twilight was made with one, by American standards, low cost of 37 million dollars but recorded far more than tenfold. Super success has largely been attributed to actor choice. Robert Pattinson picture-perfect face and hair seemed soon to be on every cover from teen magazines to Vanity Fair.

The two next films “New Moon ” and “Eclipse” were even bigger success stories which together recorded the absurd $ 1.5 billion. This is without counting DVD sales, all around products and advertising partnerships. Overall Twilightfranchisen one of the world’s biggest cash cows in a short time put the actors on the list of those who profit most in Hollywood. Robert Pattinson has been named one of the world’s largest makers of Time magazine (in addition to “world’s sexiest man”).

How does it feel with all the attention?

– It’s incomprehensible, “he answers.

The hope from the film company is probably to his enthusiastic fans also go and see “Water for Elephants, ” based on a book of the same name by Sara Gruen. Robert plays Jacob Jankowski, a young man in the 30’s who by chance ends up at a circus as a zoo keepers and falls in love with the circus director’s wife, artist Marlena, played by Reese Witherspoon.

– I think a lot about that time, the United States during the Depression, how things looked then. When I heard that Reese and Christophe Walz had accepted the other roles were in no hesitation, “he says.

Many Robert Pattinson-interviews are about the actors sudden super-celebrity status and how he handles it. A fairly normal middle class upbringing in a London suburb and a greater interest in books, music and movies than celebrity status makes him an unusual Hollywood star. Especially in comparison with American colleagues his age with a background as a former child star or super-educated Disney celebrities, as Zac Efron and Shia LaBeouf.

During the interview, he appears not as a polished celebrity. He listens carefully, shifting from responding thoughtfully and wisely to giggle and shyly.

– I met with director Francis first went to visit the elephant Tai, who plays a lead role in the movie, before I read the script for “Water for Elephants”. But I said that I had read the script and said yes because we had a nice time. I´d get to work with an elephant in three months. Then I read the book and liked it.

Reese Witherspoon has said that lots of fans came to the filming, some hanging there around the clock to meet you. What do they want?

– Nothing special really, just saying hello. They´d be let down. I think they appreciate more that just a glimpse of me in a car than to actually meet me.

Why do you think that?

– If you hang around a movie in 50 days to meet someone so the expectations are impossible to fulfill. If not I would levitate in front of them.

Have you ever been a fan?

– I loved the TV show “American Gladiators” when I was little. I was obsessed with a female gladiator named Jet. But then I was 8 years old.

Do you have some secret interest that you youtube the evenings?

– Live Videos of Van Morrison. And clips from “America’s funniest home videos”. I like to watch people fall down.

Although Robert Pattinson dresses in Gucci and Prada at premieres the paparazzi pictures mostly feature him in t-shirts, plaid shirts, torn jeans, sneakers and RayBanSunglasses. Despite its anonymous style of clothing he has been named “best dressed man” by several magazines.

You must have been asked by every designer and fashion houses to be their public face, but something like that, you have not accepted?

– No, I do not know why I would do it. It is not fun and I would look stupid.

Many of your colleagues do it.

– Yes, but I do not understand why? Or, yes, money of course. For girls it’s different, more women buy fashion magazines and it is more relevant to their career. But there is nothing for me.

Many fans seem to know that Robert is in LA and doing interviews, Twitter peppered by questions if anyone knows where he is, what he´s doing. But although there are a number of journalists at the hotel and the studio even carted elephant Tai to the hotel car park, no one gossiped about where we are.

Paparazzi is all that Twilight stars openly complained about since its success. The fans are no problems, but the photographers are, in their often unpleasant way and shouting insults to get a reaction that is a great picture.

– It’s hard to be cool sometimes. I hold my gaze down, while the anger grows, he says.

After our interview, Robert leaves the hotel room – the bodyguard follows him close to where they rapidly go away down the corridor and disappear, with Robert Lagerkvist book in his hand.
The manager Nick remains pacing. He says that both he and Dean are needed there, many ask and require impossible things by his protege.

– I have worked with Rob since he was 16 years before he did Harry Potter. He is a really nice guy. But he does not have a publisher so I go with him instead.

Maybe he needs support. “Water for Elephants” director Francis Lawrence said that after he met Robert for the first time he was not afraid to Twilight fame would come in the way of the new role.

– He is very attentive to everything around them. Very humble. Almost careful.

When Robert during a joint press conference more later in the day asked: “What would you rather do if you worked in a circus?”, He replies:

– I like ordinary everyday jobs, like stacking boxes. It is pure escapism. I would like to pitch the tent along with everyone else. It would be a relief to just be one of the group.

Robert Pattinson
Born: 13 May 1986 in London.
Lives: In a hotel on the recordings, owns no home.
Family: Mother Clare, father Richard, big sisters Lizzy and Victoria. Girlfriend KristenStewart, co-star in the Twilight movie.
Current project: Make the lead role in “Water for Elephants, ” Swedish Prime on April 15. This fall he returns as vampire Edward Cullen in the penultimate Twilight film,”Breaking Dawn” Part 1.

5 FILMS WITH Robert Pattinson – FROM FLOP TO TOP

2004 “Ring of the Nibelungs”. Supporting role as the Vikings in the TV movie. His voice dubbed by another actor.
2004 “Vanity Fair”. Playing 16 years old when the 26-year-old Reese Witherspoon’s son. Cut off (but is included in the DVD version).
2005 “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Playing the heroic Triathlon champion Cedric Diggory as murder at the end.
2008-2012 Five Twilight Films like Edward Cullen. The first three films have so far recorded more than two billion dollars.
2011 “Water for Elephants”. Lovesick veterinary student at the American circus 1931st -Opening on Friday April 15.

Robert Pattinson’s LIFE CURVE

1986 Born in London on May 13, the youngest of three siblings.
1998 Begins work as a fashion model 12 years old, ending after three years. Some particularly embarrassing pictures circulating on the web.
2001 Joins a theater group on the advice from his father who had seen the cute girls there.
2002 First film role in the costume drama “Vanity Fair” will be removed. Robert goes to the premiere without knowing it.
2003 casting directors feel ashamed to have forgotten to inform about cutting away and give him a role in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.
2006 career goes no further. Play Salvador Dali in the indie film “Little Ashes”. Decides to focus on music instead.
2007 prompted by his American agent to audition for “Twilight.” Samples Neck with Kristen Stewart at the home of director Catherine Hardewicke and gets the job as the Bildsköne vampire Edward Cullen.
2008 “Twilight” will be a huge success. Robert also has two original songs on the soundtrack.
2009-2010 wins include “Best Kiss” and “Best male leading role” twice in a row at the MTV Movie Awards. “New Moon” and “Eclipse” are huge successes viewing.
Records 2010-2011 “Water for Elephants” and adopt the dog Bear.
2011 Records “Cosmopolis” directed by David Cronenberg. “Breaking Dawn” Part 1 was released in November. Part two 2012th

Thanks to gossip_dance for the scans | translation via TwilightNewsWeb | Outtake: source / via


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