*Video* Robert Pattinson’s Interview With ReelzChannel   4 comments

Here’s a video of Robert Pattinson’s interview with ReelzChannel


4 responses to “*Video* Robert Pattinson’s Interview With ReelzChannel

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  2. Actually, what Rob says about cheap beds is so true. When I was in the dorms for my first year at university, the guy across the hall, and his girlfriend, fell through the bottom of their bed when they were having sex one night, and landed in the drawers underneath LMAO.

  3. Rob is so funny! and also Taylor is SO wrong this movie is NOT like the book look at who they have for a screen writer she(Rosenberg) has butcherd twilight she has butchered NM and Eclipse and well we will just see…. Rosenberg has a track record of tweaking the stories which she has sucesessfully done and I do not mean that in a good way I am very much on the fence about the script and I know it is not close to the book at all when has any of these movies EVER been to close to the books the answer to that is NEVER.

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