VIDEO: Sarah Gadon talks about Robert Pattinson’s “passionate” fans   1 comment

GS: Who’s got crazier fans – well, let’s call them ‘passionate’ fans, Viggo Mortensen or Robert Pattinson?

SG: You know I thought it would be Rob, but then when we were in Venice Viggo has some diehard fans, and they just they love him! They freak out for him. But you know Rob doesn’t even have fans … he has this like, CIA. They know where he is, they know everything, they know every detail – they’re on it, so….

GS: That means you’re in it! You know we have a photograph here – every time there’s a photo of you and him together … [this is actually a great shot of the two of you in a scene] …when you get caught up in that, does your life change at all, in any way?

SG: Well, I think when we were shooting I made a really strong effort to not pay attention to any press, or anything, because you’re so involved in your characters and in your work, and you don’t want anything on the outside to inform this working relationship that you’re creating, and so I really tried to block that out, but then afterwards when the shooting finished and people kept saying things to me I kind of thought wow you know – maybe that really was a whirlwind that we were caught up in.

I’m really looking forward to the show which airs in Canada in a couple of hours. George interviewed David Cronenberg last week and you can see that interview HERE.


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