Win a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene in Stockholm October 28 » Schermafbeelding 2011-10-10 om 09.41.59   4 comments

Posted October 10, 2011 by Sim

4 responses to “Schermafbeelding 2011-10-10 om 09.41.59

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  1. i should be that lucky winner because I’ve never seen them both before as they don’t visit where i live and i am a HUGE fan of twilight and i love Robert Pattinson! i would love to meet them its my utmost desire i cannot meet them otherwise as i cant go where they live and they dont come here its just too sad! there is no twilight stuff here as well! but if i meet them omG i cant even believe what i will do lol PLEASE let me be that lucky winner!

  2. I would absolutely LOVE to meet them! They are such wonderful actors and meeting them would be amazing! I adore Ashely Green and Robert Pattinson. I think I should be the one to meet them because I am not a psychotic fan so they could be relaxed around me. I am a big fan however, My favorite movie of Rob’s is “Little Ashes” and my favorite of Ashely’s is the “Twilight” saga so far:) I know I would have a lot of fun and it would be a wonderful new experience! Not to mention I am 23 and could have a mature conversation with them 🙂 Thank you for considering me if you do 🙂

  3. WOw i would love to meet him …
    I wish he could visit my place someday…

  4. I lovv rob he is my number one fan i have loved him for f years sins i was 5 cuz now i’m 10 i will be the happyist person in the wrold and i mean WROLD ! I love her in the frist one twilight and rob is so cute when he gets shiy omg i would love to win cuz i have never seen u and i feel like i would passout if i win so please 1000000 x let me try to win please

    kandaliss sheppard

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