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Posted June 13, 2010 by justfp

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  1. Hola!!! Oye podemos Afiliar?? Avisa!!!
    Muy linda tu pagina web!!! 😀

  2. want to put our affiliates!! This is my blog and my Affiliates


    Plesase affiliate me on your page.
    I affiliate you of course! xD

  4. want to put our affiliates!! This is my blog and my Affiliates

  5. This is THE place for Rob fixes. It’s a gorgeous and comprehensive site.

    Your readers also might be interested in THE place for Edward Cullen fixes on WordPress: //

    The blog is called “Twilight: The Missing Pieces (Everything through Edward’s eyes…)”
    I’ve been working for over a year writing Edward’s point-of-view versions of the Twilight Saga. It started as a desperate need to read the unwritten second half of Midnight Sun. So, I finished the book. It then blossomed into a wish to have the sex scenes include actual sex. So I wrote the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scenes from Edward’s POV. Then I ended up writing all of Breaking Dawn from Edward’s POV, and the fans wanted New Moon, so it is now in progress. There’s also Edward’s Diary and some other extras.

    For those who first fell in love with Rob through Edward…
    P.A. Lassiter

  6. Interested in affiliation

  7. 😉

  8. Got a website up hope you can help me visit it at

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