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The ToR team is made up of members from all over the world. Below you’ll find our Twitter accounts and more information about each of  us. We are fans who run a site for the fans. We don’t consider ourselves staff as we’re more like a family. Each and every ToR member has a special role in the site. 

If you click on the name it will bring you to our twitter page. 

FPOnTheDL: Formerly FakerParis, Creator  and owner of ToR. She lives in Canada. Her favorite movie is Remember Me. She started the site on a whim in July 2009. Marie’s claim to fame is being stuck with Nat in a rickshaw in NYC in the middle of rush hour with 3 pieces of luggage and thinking she was going to die. Also known to be a huge weather geek and loves green t-shirts.

DreamySim1: aka as Simba or Sim. Co-owner of ToR. She lives in the Netherlands. For some odd reason Sim says she never wants to meet Rob. Sim is an amazing graphic designer and she makes all our banners and wallpapers. Sim’s favorite movie is Water for Elephants. Sim’s claim to fame is related to Buzz Lightyear but we won’t go into any of the details here 😉 Sim is also known to have a fetish for frog princes and Cookie Monsters. 

Slowie: aka B girl. Co-owner of ToR. Has been part of the team for almost a year now. It’s hard to pin down where Slowie lives since she moves around a lot between Germany and the Czech Republic. Her favorite Rob movie is Remember Me. B’s claim to fame is to not know where she comes from when you ask her if she’s German or Czech.

SparksTP: aka Z or Zelda. Has been part of the ToR team for a few years. She lives in the UK and is well known for her sarcastic humour. Z’s claim to fame is walking into benches and running down the WFE red carpet “with one sneaker on her foot”. She announces ‘I know you’re listening’ to empty rooms.

_blackrose26_: Also know as J. Has been part of the team on and off for over a few years depending on where she lives. She currently lives in Australia. Her claim to fame is being the site “perv”. Be careful, everything you say to J will be turned into something dirty 😉 

 o_oza: aka as Jill. Has been part of the site for a few years. Jill lives in Min-eh-soh-tah and is always pursued by her army of ebil minions. 

Posted November 8, 2011 by justfp

39 responses to “Meet the Team!

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  2. Awww you’re too sweet! thanx ❤

  3. ToR is the place to be if you’re cool LOL! Us fan can’t say THANK YOU enough for doing all the hardwork keeping us all up to date, this BD promo has been crazy! I can’t keep up and all I do is click and read!!!

    I L O V E Y O U A L L (yeah in shouty caps, I went there lol)


  4. I bow before you for all the work you are doing! You are all amazing! Thank you so very much! I wish you all the best no matter where you are or what you are doing!
    Love you!


  5. So nice to finally “meet” all you ladies who work so hard BTS to bring us all the latest news and updates on Rob. You all are very much appreciated!

  6. all you ladies do an amazing job with this site. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put on providing us with Rob’s information!

  7. What a pleasant surprise ..this posting. I have been following you guys for over a year and have wondered who and where you are. I am very grateful for everything you do. Thank you.

  8. Thanks everyone =)

  9. Just found the site- was reading about this video you did ” Just a man” — is there a link to it so that I might view it?

  10. OK so I have posted my sincere thanks to all of you at ToR before, but girls !!! It is so much fun, so “amazingly ridiculously crazy” all the stuff you are posting, omg I was simply laughing last night XD And I’m not even on Twitter or Facebook anymore, still, I went here and there and I simply couldn’t catch on with everything ha ha ha ! (wish I had a faster connexion/computer!)
    So a cheerful welcome to the new ToR team members, glad you found some help, it was indeed quite necessary these past crazy days. And Marie, after reading the last comment up here, I watched your video, it was quite touching… loved it. I’ll go see some more when I have time. Well hope everybody is sleeping/eating right so you stay healty troughout this marathon ! Thanks again, it’s quite an Internet Rob Pattinson ride you’re giving us 🙂 Amicalement.

    • Thanks! To be honest we’re totally exhausted and can’t wait for promo to be over lol. It takes a lot of our energy 😉 Glad you liked my video!

      • Yes, that’s what I thought – on being exhausted. I have a question and I’m writing it in english (sorry for the mistakes, I’m not looking at the dictionnary at this time of the evening) so if the answer is yes majority of people will understand -if they read it – : I’d like to help ToR with a $ donation but I cannot really do it right now. You have a few ads on the site. If we click on them, will it give ToR more money ? Also, does Amazon gives you some money if we go browse (or buy on) their site through yours ? In that case, it would be nice to have an link, ‘cus there’s only U.S. and U.K. Is there something else that can be done to help you ? Let me now when you’ll have the time. No rush 🙂 Take care ’till the end of this marathon ! Amicalement.

        • Clicking on the ads is not something you should do often as Google can track you. Yes we do get revenue if you buy things via the Amazon links =) I haven’t had time to set up an store yet.

          • Thanks for the tip about Google. I’ll do it carefuly, like for the White Swan preview. When there will be an link I’ll be more than happy to use it ! 🙂 Bye bye.

  11. Wow, you are a gang! The ToR gang! You all do a great job and I adore you. THANK you for all the work you do so we don’t have to. LOL

  12. OMG I thought you all were Canadians! =) It’s good to see how the team has people from all over the world! You guys have been doing a great job on ToR, I’ve been visiting the website for nearly two years. And I’m a big fan of DreamySim1’s art. 😉

    • awww thnx for the compliment!! sorry for the late reply o.O I should keep up with the comments more often lol. And we do have a lot of fun 😉 Even though we’re on different timezones: glad a lot of us are nocturnal creatures 😀

  13. I can only imagine how exhausted you all are! Thank you all again!! :))) I especially love how you respect Rob and his privacy. Nothing but class. Thank you.

  14. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to TofR. Like Kellie, I think it is really classy that you respect Rob and his privacy. He deserves to have his personal and public lives separate. Wish you all well.

  15. i am addicted to rob

  16. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! JOYEUX NOËL tout le monde !
    And thank you again for all your work ToR girls 🙂

  17. Happy New Year to All!! it’s a year of the dragon in Chinese Calendar. Let us bring good luck to each of us.

  18. Hello everyone, I am also #1 fan of Robert Pattinson =)

  19. Nice to meet you Team!!! Thanks for all your hard work it is appreciated!!! Keep updating us please!! Thank-you…….xxx

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  21. Thanks for all your work . It is remarkable how all the info gets to y’all. And I am Rob’s #1,#2, and #3 biggest fans. I am big enough foe the job! And I am Old enough for it ,too. I think I’m Rob”s oldest fan. I see him as a second grandson, and am so proud of him in his career. He just keeps getting better. I love him. My first grsndson says thar I “love Rob better than I love him.” Of course, That’s not true………..maybe!!!!!!! Again thanks for the site and all the talent that is a part of it. Love y’all. I,m in Macon, Ga. USA

  22. i love you robert i love your attitude!

  23. @FPOnTheDL Hey admin, It’s really hard to talk about it & I’ve got no one to talk to… CAN YOU PLZ TELL ME what’s going on @Robsten.. I mean I’m getting very irritating rumours- Rob quitting HOLLYWOOD…. pLZ TELL ME.. It all makes me feel very creepy…

  24. hey… You are doing a great job- I’m from India, well I can’t afford to meet rob and other crew of twilight (I’m a big fan of)… and also I just loved Rob’s all movies…-But you guys keep Me up.. thank you so much… 🙂

  25. Sad to see it all come to an end … ” The Twilight Saga ” Pretty much gave me something to look forward
    to , since struggling with personal problems the last 4 years !!!! You really have to be a Female , and no
    age limit , to realized what this Series has meant to us … I Wish All The Fans & All The Amazing
    Twilight Cast , All The Best In 2013 !!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am a lady of some years and I really love romance. I am so thankful for all your hard work on this site (just found it yesterday). Even though a person gets older, you still feel like the same person you were at age 25. So let it be known that we are still “girls” that giggle and admire beauty and well-written stories. Keep up your good work!

  27. Hi everyone. Have moved to this site because the one I used to follow uses pap pics, and the followers are obsessed with his private life. Have always looked at this site, but never commented. I admire your ethics. :))

  28. Thank you so much for this site! Thanks to you I know where to go while visiting New York City. I’m a huge fan of “Remember Me” and my dream was to see the places from the movie, and you made it much easier to plan everything. Thank you very much!

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