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*VIDEO* Reese Witherspoon talks about Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Reese talked to She Knows about not remembering working with Rob in Vanity Fair (at about 2:05).

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New Robert Pattinson – Water for Elephants wallpaper   1 comment

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson Wallpaper with the beautiful still from Water for Elephants by @Dreamysim1 | Click to make bigger

*VIDEO* Reelz Channel’s “Robert Pattinson Career Spotlight”   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* Reese Witherspoon talks about Robert Pattinson and WFE on ‘Good Morning America’   2 comments

Starts at 2:10.

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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson's Roles – Part 1   5 comments

Here’s a flashback post of Robert Pattinson’s earlier roles. Today we have pics of Rob in My Town, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Vanity Fair, Rings of the Nibelungs and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We’ll post part 2 tomorrow 🙂

My Town


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The Many Faces of Robert Pattinson   7 comments

I found this great article the only role they did was forgot was Rob’s role in The Rings of the Nibelungs.

Robert Pattinson may be the heart throb of teen girls everywhere but just a few years ago he was a struggling actor just looking to find his break in Hollywood. In The Many Faces of Robert Pattinson we take a look at his career the roles he has played and where he is going from here.

Despite the fact that many think that Robert Pattinson is nothing more then a teen heart throb his young career clearly shows that he is much about films with substance as he is about being a star. Twilight has made Robert a household name but believe it or not Robert Pattinson has played much more then just a vampire.


Vanity Fair: Robert Pattinsons first role was in Vanity Fair where he played Rawdy Crawley in a small role. Vanity Fair based in Elizabethan times is about a poor woman named Becky Sharp ( played by Reese Witherspoon ) who despite growing up in poverty defies the social ladder to advance her life. It follows the span of 20 years.


Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire: After Vanity Fair Robert had a few small roles but his next big one was Harry Potter which is quite ironic considering he goes on to be the lead in the teen sensation of Twilight which is really a successor to Harry Potter in my books. Robert Pattinson played the role of Cedric Diggory one of 2 Hogwarts Champions in the Triwizard Tournaments.


The Haunted Airman: After Harry Potter Robert Pattinson took on a much more serious role in The Haunted Airman where he played an injured RAF pilot named Toby Jugg who confined to a wheelchair who is committed to an eerie hospital where he starts to lose his mind.

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Video: Robert Pattinson's Deleted Scene in Vanity Fair   8 comments

Here is Rob’s scene in Vanity Fair that was deleted. I don’t think we’ve ever posted this before.

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Various Black & White and Colour Enhanced Pics   2 comments

Here’s a post of black & white and colour enhanced pics for you guys today.

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Random Pics – Film Roles   2 comments

It’s a quiet day so I thought I’d do another random pic post. Here are a bunch of pics of Robert Pattinson in the various roles he’s played.

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Let's go all the way back   11 comments

Recently, as you’ve noticed, I’ve been bringing you back to the past with pics of Rob in his earlier movies. Well this morning I’m bringing you all the way back. I’m bringing you back to Tess of the D’Urbevilles, to Vanity Fair and to Rings of the Nibelungs (for the life of me I can never write that name correctly). I’m hoping that Corrina *cough* will accidentally stumble across this post and we might get clearer pics from the Rings of the Nibelungs. 😉

Rob in Tess of the D’Urbervilles







Rob in Vanity Fair and Rings of Nibelungs after the jump!

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