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*New* Trailer for The Lost City of Z   Leave a comment

Here’s a new trailer for The Lost City of Z. 

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Hurricane Matthew – How to Help and Donation Links – Please Share   Leave a comment

As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew, has devastated Haiti, Cuba, The Bahamas and part of the U.S. over the past few days. The death toll is climbing by the hour. Many people are in dire need of help. 

We have compiled a list of Charities and non-governmental organisations that are currently raising funds to help the people that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew. These charities are verified. 

Please be careful when donating to any other charity. Sadly, in times of great suffering, some individuals try to take advantage of the situation. Before donating make sure the charity is real.


See the organizations after the jump! 

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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson in Cannes in 2009   1 comment

Here’s a flashback pic post of Robert Pattinson in Cannes in 2009

 Cannes Film Festival 2009 - Robert Pattinson Photocall

More after the jump! 

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Auction Winners!   Leave a comment


Here are the auction winners!!!

***Important Note to the winners***

First and foremost, thank you so much for helping us with this auction! It means the world to us. 

We will be emailing each winner with the amount they have to pay and shipping fee. Please be patient, as it’s 2 days before Christmas, we’ll do our best to get in touch with you ASAP to get your mailing address and calculate the shipping cost. 

Once you’ve received an email from us, we require you to send us a payment via paypal or credit card using the donate button on Outlander-Online here. It’s paypal but it accepts credit card transactions. When you send the payment please don’t forget to tell us for which item you’re paying for.  We will send you an email confirming that we have received your payment. Please be patient with regards to receiving your confirmation email. We’ll try to get through them as quickly as we can. 

As we are just a few days before Christmas, the items will be shipped in the next 2 weeks. Also, if we don’t hear for the winning bidder in the next 5 days we will be emailing you. 

***All amounts are in USD*** 

Stephen Amell / Arrow 

  1. QuickDraw Shirt Made and autographed by Lord Mesa  – Winning bid: 50$ njfaegirl
  2. Toronto Green Arrows T-ShirtWinning bid: 200$ Reggie Webber 
  3. Island Scarred Oliver Queen Funko  – Winning bid: 35$ Coco 
  4. Nocking Point Vanilla/Hazelnut Candle & 2 bags of Nocking Point CoffeeWinning bid: 45$ Dee 
  5. Handmade Arrow inspired braceletWinning bid: 30$ Irmgard Bremer
  6. Print #1 made and autographed by Lord Mesa “Yin Yang Kiss”Winning bid: 81$ Jennifer R. 
  7. Print #2 made and autographed by Lord Mesa “Olicity Proposal”Winning bid: 75$ Queenie Nguyen
  8. Print #3 made and autographed by Lord Mesa “OTA”Winning bid: 80$ Reggie Webber
  9. Print of Oliver Queen, made and autographed by Brian C. Roll Winning bid: 100$ Kathy A. Cochran


  1. Antique Bronze Filigree Czech Glass Amber Dragonfly Rhinestone Double Chain Pendant Necklace Winning bid: 105$ Sarah Price
  2. Dragonfly in Amber Silver Pendant and EarringsWinning bid: 100$ winfield456
  3. Copy of Outlander signed by Diana GabaldonWinning bid: 80$ Elizabeth Wilson
  4. Pic of Dougal MacKenzie autographed by Graham McTavishWinning bid: 100$ Judith DePrisco
  5. Outlander FlaskWinning bid: 35$ Claudia Maheux
  6. Outlander Colouring BookWinning bid: 15$ Sarah Price 

Robert Pattinson & Twilight stuff 

  1. Print of Robert Pattinson, made by Brian C. Roll Winning bid: 35$ delliam
  2. Blackbook MagazineWinning bid: 15$ Iheartlmc

Books & Other things

  1. Shatter Me Autographed by Tahereh Mafi – Winning bid: 30$ Zelda 
  2. Custom made banner of your choice for your website designed by DreamySim1 – Winning bid: 40$ Chasity
  3. Custom made wallpaper of your choice designed by DreamySim1 – Winning bid: 40$ Bernie Anders 
  4. London Eye Print – 50$ Winning bid: Nicole (@nvj29)
  5. Limited Edition Black & White Print of the Chrysler Building, Signed Winning bid: 30$ Wiltshire Glo

People can still donate to the GoFundMe here

We’d like to give a major shoutout to Lord Mesa, Jeff Tasca, Christina LaurensCreations by Nina Wozniak,  UrbanRebel Design and Brian C. Roll from Odyssey Art for their donations. 

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Auctions For Rondra! Help us Help a Friend in Dire Need   Leave a comment


**This post is stickied, scroll down for newer posts** 

The teams behind Amelly Nation, Outlander-Online and Thinking of Rob are coming to you for help. A dear friend and creator of Amelly Nation, Rondra, is in need and we’re reaching out. She has medical issues and can’t get the appropriate healthcare she needs or medication she requires to get better right now and she needs to focus on getting better, which is where we all come in. She is unable to work, so we’re hoping we can help her on her road to recovery, not only by giving her our unconditional support, but also financial support. She’s in a tight spot and while she focuses on getting better, we’re hoping we can raise money to ease her mind and lend a hand.

It’s the season of giving and we’re all hoping you lovely people will help us help a friend. See, Amelly Nation, Outlander-Online and Thinking of Rob are more than just fan sites, we’re a family. All sites are connected in some way. We work hard and we work close together. We talk daily and we support each other in every way we can. And when we saw a friend in need, we jumped to action immediately.

Many people, including us, have donated items which we are putting up for auction. All the funds collected will be going directly to Rondra. You can also donate to Rondra directly by going to the GoFundMe Page we created here.

If you would like to donate an item please contact us at

You can access the auction site, where the rules on how to bid are explained, by clicking here

There are items from 3 fandoms and some more stuff will get added. Here are the things from Robert Pattinson/Twilight Fandom: 

  1. Little White Lies Magazine – Donated by Marie
  2. Print of Robert Pattinson, made by Brian C. Roll – Donated by Brian C. Roll, Odyssey Art 
  3. Esquire Magazine – Donated by Barbora
  4. Blackbook Magazine – Donated by Marie
  5. Vanity Fair 2011 – Donated by Marie
  6. Interview Magazine – Donated by Marie
  7. InStyle Magazine – Donated by Barbora
  8. Collection of Rob Movies (Remember Me, Little Ashes, How to Be, The Haunted Airman) – Donated by Heather
  9. Premiere Magazine (Kristen Stewart) – Donated by Barbora
  10. Custom made banner of your choice for your website designed by DreamySim1 – Donated by Sim
  11. Custom made wallpaper of your choice designed by DreamySim1 – Donated by Sim

We’d like to give a major shoutout to Lord Mesa, Jeff Tasca, Christina LaurensCreations by Nina Wozniak,  UrbanRebel Design and Brian C. Roll from Odyssey Art for their donations. 

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*IMPORTANT* Auction Coming Up – Please Read and Share   2 comments


Hi all, 

One of our dearest friends, Rondra,  is in dire need right now. She has medical issues, which caused her to lose her job, because she couldn’t work anymore. She needs medical care and medication, which she can’t get right now because she doesn’t have health coverage and it costs a fortune in the U.S. Medical care and medication that she really needs. She is in a really bad place right now. 

We’ve decided that to help her we’ll be starting an auction to raise money in the next couple of days. We will be donating exclusive items from our personal collections, so if you’re looking for something, you might find it. 

The auction will be run on one site, which we will create, with stuff from 3 different fandoms. So there will be stuff from the Outlander Fandom (Outlander-Online), the Stephen Amell/Arrow Fandom (Amelly Nation) and the Robert Pattinson and Twilight fandom (Thinking of Rob) up for auction. Everything for the auction will be on one site. Each item will have it’s own post and people will be able to bid in the comments. We will also set up a gofundme for those who wish to just donate. 

***Anyone willing to donate an item to the auction can do so by contacting us at . We’re donating collector’s items from our personal collections and people such as Lord MesaJeff Tasca, Urban Rebel Design, Christina Lauren, Creations By Nina will all be donating things for the auctions. ***

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How to Help Paris – Please Share This Post   Leave a comment


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

***ETA: We have unbolded things that might no longer be in effect***

Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, we’ve decided to create a post to help people. We are not in Paris, but like the rest of the world, we are heartbroken. Therefore we try to help anyway we can. Right now, for us, this means using the power of social media. We know that many people are still looking for loved ones. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • If you are in Paris please check out the hashtag on Twitter #RechercheParis. People are using this hashtag to find loved ones. If you are not in Paris, please pass it on. Some of these people might be in hospitals unable to contact someone and a simple retweet could change everything for a family waiting for news.
  • If you are in Paris, you can mark yourself as safe, on Facebook. Click here.
  • Anyone who witnessed the attacks can give a testimonial to the French government here or you can do it by calling #197
  • Anyone who witnesses something in Belgium can call #101
  • The French police is asking people to be vigilant when sharing information. Make sure it’s legit. 
  • If you are in Paris and have no place to stay please check the hashtag #PorteOuverte 
  • If you’re French and stranded in the U.S. check the hashtag #StrandedinUS 
  • If You’re French and stranded in Canada check the hashtag #StrandedinCanada 
  • All domestic & international Skype calls to landlines & mobiles in France are free for the next few days. Info here
  • If you are in France and see police activity in your area, the police is asking you to not tweet or post:  pics, videos or locations.
  • People are lighting candles and placing them in their windows to show their support for Paris. Check the hashtag #UneBougiePourParis
  • We have created a twibbon to place on your avi on twitter to show your support. You can find it here
  • If you see any unusual online activity or posts please report it to the French police here
  • Out of respect for the victims and their families, the French police is asking you not to post or share crime scene photos. Tweet below. 


More information after the jump! 

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A Message and a Flashback Pic Post For Old Times Sake   Leave a comment

Hi guys!

Marie here, popping on to say hi! It’s been ages since I’ve been here since I’ve been so busy with Amelly Nation and Outlander-Online (pssttt by the way, you should totally follow those two site). However I was feeling a little nostalgic this morning. So I decided to jump on here and make a flashback pic post of edits I’ve made, for old times sake 🙂 Sim & B have been doing a fantastic job at keeping this site up to date. They’re both awesome. You always know where you can find me 😉 


More after the jump! 

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Help Us Help This Family Out – The Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette Fund   Leave a comment


Click here to donate

Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette was a 2 year old girl who went missing in Blairmore, Alberta, on Monday September 14th. Her father, who was brutally murdered, was found in the house where they both lived. After an extensive search done by the RCMP, Hailey’s remains were found on September 15th. 

All money donated will be sent to the Blanchette family in her honour. 

No child should ever have to die this way, no family should ever have to deal with this kind of loss. 

As owners of three websites, AmellyNation  (Stephen Amell), Thinking of Rob (Robert Pattinson) and Outlander-Online  (Outlander) we want to raise funds on behalf of Stephen Amell/Arrow, Robert Pattinson and Outlander fans for her family in her memory.

We’ve been in touch with both the town of Crowsnest Pass and the funeral home to insure our funds go to the proper people. 

The money will go towards paying the funerals. 

You can also sign the group card here

For the full story please read it here .

ETA: CJAY92, a Calgary based radio station seems to have raised enough funds for the funerals. See their fundraiser here

Therefore, once our fundraiser is over, we will be donating the money to the Pure Country Bar & Grill who is raising funds for a memorial bench as well as equipment for a park. You can see their page about the fundraiser here

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Mediterranean Refugee Crisis – Where and How to Donate   Leave a comment

As most of you probably know,  there is a Mediterrean refugee crisis occurring. It’s heartbreaking to see and these people need our help. We put the together a list of places where you can donate. If you are unable to donate, you can still do your part by sharing and retweeting this post and by helping us spread the word. 

Sadly in times of great need, some people create “fake charities” and take advantage of others. So please be careful which charity you donate to. All charities listed below are legit.

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