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Posted July 18, 2009 by justfp

63 responses to “Contact Us

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  1. you are so super 🙂

  2. In case you would like to post –

    Here are about 12 extra minutes of the end the panel, incl. lots of adorkable Rob, that come after your part5;

    From about 5:30 in this clip

    (bit of a heartwrenching moment couple of min from the end though)

    And all of this clip

  3. Wow! The blog has come along very nicely. Phenomenal Job! I really enjoy it so much.
    Thanks FP, KG, JC, and JN (you guys rock!)

  4. I am loving your site

  5. Great site. Lets do a link exchange. Our site is

  6. i like your page Congrats! you are great! How can i change my avatar?

  7. How can I affiliate my site with yours 🙂 ?

  8. Hi guyz.,.Wicked site.,.!!

    I’m a major Twilight fan from the UK and was wondering if you or any of your followers could help with a problem.,?????

    I’ve got the Twilight Soundtrack but would love to get “Let Me Sign” as it’s my fave track but it’s not on the album.,.Any suggestions.,.??? Would be eternally grateful if anyone can help.,.???

    Em xxx “Team Edward”.,.!!!! ;0)

  9. hi guys
    I really love the job you’re doing on here.
    tons and tons of Rob’s fantastic stuff….
    could get lost watching all the posts!

    I found this video last night while surfing on you tube.
    maybe you’ve already seen it…
    hope you enjoy it.

    greetings from Italy

    Christina Cherrybabe
  10. Hi=)
    I’m always~ everyday~ visit your site.
    Thanks for all your job~.

  11. Rob is being hounded relentlessly by paparazzi, I support your site. The police should take into custody the paparazzi that get to close. You can spin it a number of ways, but can you imagine having all those cameras flashing in your face. That should be considered stalking, a violation of the law in all 50 states. Idea, fans form a barrier around him to protect him from the paparazzi just once, to send a message “back off”.

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  13. I want to thank you for this wonderful site on Robert, and supporting him, as well as keeping his fans informed…

    Robert means a great deal to me, yes, and i know many others…I only wish i could thank him for the needed distraction he has given me at a very difficult time of life…

    A few years ago my children and I lost their amazing father, and my lovely husband…Unfortunately my daughter and I witnessed his passing…As I did when my own amazing father died when I was the same age as her, years ago…They both passed away from massive heart attacks, and life since then has been difficult to say the least…

    The Twilight Saga’s brought my daughter and I that distraction…And since then, I personally have become an adoring fan of Robert’s other movies, music, and especially his beautiful self inside and out!!! And will follow his career until he retires:)

    I’m often “thinking of Rob” 😉 And want so much again to thank all of those involved in such a wonderful site!!!


    • awww thanks you *hugs*

    • My heart goes out to you darling girl. I too started following Rob at a time that was difficult for me. My husband had a mental breakdown, and tried to commit suicide. He was put on so much medication he was constantly ‘doped up’. That was 3 1/2 yrs ago. He is still on a high amount of meds, but has developed young persons alzeimers and parkinsons. Every day is a battle to keep his mood stable and him functioning as normal as possible. I had to leave full time work to take care of him. Being with him 24/7 has its drawbacks, but I started reading the Twilight books. It helped me escape my everyday life, into a fantasy I cant explain. I then saw the movies, saw this handsome guy who played Edward and that was it. I’m smitten by him as all other women are. I now follow him on facebook and twitter have all the books for the movies he has made and the dvds now. He helps me get through the days as I long to see what is next for him. I hope you will be lucky enough to meet him as I wish for myself. He is such a gentleman in every way possible. Take care of yourself and your family. Much love and hugs to you xxx.

  14. ps. I’m from Vancouver, BC. Lucky me…But I am one of those fans that would prefer not to bother Robert & to try and find him here next month, would feel like stalking, lol.

    I think maybe oneday I will write to his management company, to express my appreciation for him, and hopefully Rob may find out he really helped someone at their lowest,me, though he may not understand…I too am grateful for my for my beautiful children…Life goes on, but we need those distractions from the difficulties that can come anybodies way…

  15. i love rob soo much rob if you read this you proberly thinking im just any normal fan but i seriously loveyouu xxxxxxxx

  16. Just love the new WFE “Header” and “Banner” not sure if I’m using the correct terminology. Send out a “Question of the Day” to see what the other ladies think??

  17. I’m such a big fan of Thinking of Rob from Asia. You know this site is the major source for many Asian fans to get to know those news and information about Rob. So we really love this site. And I am just wondering whether anybody here has the English text of MTV and JL show,because you know it’s a little difficult to listen and understand what they said for someone whose first language is not English.So we will really appreciate if you can offer some English text about the two shows.

  18. You’re doing an absolutely FANTASTIC job! Watch it every single day and though I started a month ago, I took a look through all the archives. I have two questions for you, if you have any news that is. Do you know the new dates concerning “BEL AMI” release and a more difficult one : by the time “remember me” was released, there was a review writen by a NYU student -I think- quoting that the character of Tyler, reminded him of himself. A brilliant review I’m trying to add to my notebook of Rob.Please let me know if this rings a bell to you. Once again,GREAT JOB.

  19. Hi people! It’s so good to know that there are a lot of ROB’S GOOD FANS. I am a Greek, middle aged fan. Friends with Capricorn (above). I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful site. Most of all, your respect for Rob as an artist as well as an individual. It is most important that we do respect him as a person. He is a great inspiration in my life in many many ways, through really rough times for me. I call him LARK, the first singing bird of the day, for giving me the right mood every day. Thanks Rob. Thank you all creators of this site.

  20. hi

  21. I love robert very very very much:D

  22. i love robert pattinson so so so so so much !!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    i can do anything 4 him … i just wana see him or spk 2 him or even have a chat with him
    rob i give up ma soul for u ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!
    LUV U <3<3

  23. I love robertpattinson would like to see him is my dream

  24. i really wana have a chat with robert pattinson
    i can do anything 2 meet him ❤ ❤

  25. I am from kosova and I have no chance to view that man

  26. This web page can you meet with this super star<3

  27. do u know where in toronto he’s filming this week? went to this downtown area, he’s not there anymore 😦

  28. I LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I need Robert Pattinson’s manager contact details to interview for Turkey which will be incredible and I would like to buy a VIP ticket to breaking dawn premiere. The site manager could you please help me and send an email address to send an email about this situation more detailed? Thanks.

  30. Hello girls, a very good day, from “burning” Athens, Greece. 40C and going higher. Thank you for the wonderful work, keeping us updated and posting all those pieces of genious art. I’m with you every single day.
    “Cosmopolis” wrapped July 14th. Director David Cronenberg, ROB and Dean, the rest cast and crew partied a few nights ago.
    There are photos in the internet. I really hope that after this, Rob will take some time off and enjoy himself, along with his love and Bear. I wish he’ll follow his love in London and be closer to us in Europe… It’s been a long time since his last visit.
    Once again gilrs, lots and lots of thanks XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  31. hey rob it is ashley burn u r so cute i am in barbizon i am doing acting i go o n a cruise october 8 thru the 13th im hoping i get picked well if i do i hope to see u wen i get picked u r a awesome actor I LOVE U

  32. Hello girls, fall is on its way and great movies to look forward. Breaking Dawn then Cosmopolis, but what about Bel Ami? There was quite a fuss when the trailer was out and then… NOTHING… AGAIN… Is there no way at all to find out what’s going on? I mean, it’s like it doesn’t exist, like it’s vanished from the face of the earth.I know, I’m complaining too much, still… Please news, anything new at all on BEL AMI.
    Lots of love XOXO

  33. hola eres muy guapo besos

  34. As I replied to Carolyn listed above, I wont go into details again. But I would like to thank the admin team for all the good work you do updating this site so we all get to see and hear what ‘our’ Rob is up to. It is people like your team that help us to go through our mundane lives with a lovely boost from the stories and images you send us. I would love to meet Rob, but know there is probably no chance of it. But I would like him to know how special he is to his true fans, and we are the ones who will fight his corner when so many others have turned their backs on him as he has become more popular. Good luck to you Rob and I hope your acting career last for 70 years too! Love you Rob! Take care!xxxx

  35. Just wanted to say Thanx for changing the pix on the homepage title. Love Rob’s Cosmopolis pix better than him in knit hat. That hair…gotta see that head of hair…

  36. I just left a comment about your Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster on Twi-fans’ web site! It’s so beautiful and believable! It’s exactly like the novel to me—you could have been inside Stephanie Meyer’s mind! I can tell for sure who Bella, Renesmee, Edward, Carlisle and Esme, Senna, Kachiri, and Jacob are in the poster. It’s harder to figure out the other werewolves(WW)/ nomad vampires (V)/vampire covens —including per Stephanie’s approval, the newly added French coven. (I know you’re trying to show them all from a distance, the Volturi’s POV, so it’s not a fault I’m pointing out. I’d just like to remember this scene better!!) Would you consider doing a “caption” underneath the poster and place the name of each vampire or werewolf under him/her (=staggered wording placement on different lines for the “in front, in back” idea,) Example: Emmett–> Rosalie–Jacob–>Senna–Kachiri —–> Bella–Renesmee–Edward–WW—V–V–V—V—WW—>Carlisle –Esme—etc. I think it would really enhance the poster’s experience for everyone; what do you think? Please give it a try; I’m in love with this image and I really like your site! I wish Robert so much success and forever love with Kristen; they seem so in love and perfect for each other!

    Michelle Monroe
  37. Is there any way to know if the rumor that cosmopolis premiere on monday is at Moma?

  38. Everyday you always make me falling in love…
    Love you so much…
    God bless you…

  39. I pray for you and Kristen will live happily ever after…
    God bless both of you…

  40. I love you so much robert

  41. hello how are you I want to say Im your number one fan

  42. I love you so much !!!

  43. I love uh rob !!!!!!♡♡♡♡ :-*

  44. Can you unblock @countrfeit we are new owners on the account and would like to remove all tweets from the account but we cannot because we are blocked from your account.

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