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Thinking of Rob is a fan site dedicated to Robert Pattinson that was opened in July 2009. We do not post pics of Rob during his personal time off or gossip in any form.

Thinking of Rob is not affiliated with Robert Pattinson or his management in any way.

There is no copyright infringement intended on this site. If you are the original owner of any media used and would like it removed, we will be happy to do so, please contact us.

Posted July 13, 2009 by justfp

24 responses to “About Us

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  1. Thank You …FParis,,,I think you are spot on…He is a PERSON and let’s face it…the whole thing can feel like a TIDAL WAVE coming right at you> with NOWHERE to go…

    Yes, its not Rocket Science or Save the World type stuff but no matter….it can GET to YOU if you are not PREPARED or STRONG enough> WITHIN .

    Its good you are putting this out for those who DON’T GET IT! LU 🙂

  2. Well FP even before this crazy sh*t started I always thought you should have your own website. You are the best RobPorn dealer in the universe and twitter just never did you justice….But you knew that..*wink*

    The fact that you started this site for this reason makes you a stand up gal FP….a stand up gal indeed…

    Made me a believer
  3. This site is really good, I saw it for the first time yesterday and today I’ve stayed here for 2 hours XD

  4. Your video “Just A Man” was great! You were right about the lyrics of the song fitting Rob’s life now. I feel badly for him & want him to be happy. He is a wonderful actor & musician, truly talented . I am only hopeful he is able to come away from all this madness one day & understand there are true fans that appreciate him but more than that …RESPECT HIM as a person…he isn’t a Super Hero ..he is a man.

    Loving your blog & just recently started following you on twitter…found you through AmberRMW…you all do such a great job!! Thanks

  5. nice blog, I’m glad to know you

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  9. Nice! I have to work… I’m late… but it’s difficult to sign out this site! I’m trying so very hard but it is so good that I can’t leave it!


    Tabata (São Paulo – Brazil)

    Tabata Martins Rubim Soares
  10. Thank you for your excellent website I appreciate all your hard work. Fredrika

  11. i just luv rob too crazy for him n because of this fan page i would luv him even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love your site. I just discovered it, however, I wish I would have years ago. You should be really proud of what you are stand for and the pictures of Rob you always have are to die for. Thank you so much!

  13. I’m trying to get back your site!! Went to WordPress.com and reregisteted but still not getting my MUCH NEEDED moment to moment updates on my Rob! HELP!!

  14. I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award!
    Check it out here: http://myfascinationwithfashion.com/2012/12/27/the-versatile-blog-award/

  15. I hve a question for y’all. Is The Rover an indie film? Will most of us get to see this in the theater, rather than having to wait for the DVD to come out? Why are the studios making his movies so hard to see in the states where his largest fan base is? Are they stupid? I guess that’s more than 1 question, I hope you know about this particular situation. Thanks, love your site and Rob!!

  16. thank you for doing this site 🙂 helps a lot on updates about rob 🙂 #robsessed

  17. Did I just find the best website ever?

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