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My New Video: Caroline Remembering Tyler   25 comments

Here’s a new Remember Me video I just made. I’m a little bit rusty so I haven’t gotten my full mojo back, hope you guys like it. It’s a video of Caroline remembering Tyler.

I wanted to use more clips from the movie but unfortunantly when I put my Remember Me DVD on my computer it wasn’t in .wmv format.

Music is Gabriel by Lamb

Let me know what you think 🙂

For those who can’t watch in on Youtube

Remember Me: Caroline Remembering Tyler from Marie L on Vimeo.

Video of the Day   4 comments

Here’s my video of the day 😉

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Flashback Post: Video of the Day   10 comments

I’m trying to get my video making mojo back and it’s kinda hard. So I’ll be posting my videos over the next few days (shameless self promotion but the videos were what originally started this blog ;)). Maybe that will help me somehow 😉

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My Remember Me Video *FULL SPOILERS*   6 comments

Many people have been asking me to see this video now that they have seen the movie so here it is.

For those of you who haven’t see it do not read the comments or watch the video below as it contains full spoilers. You have been advised.

See the video after the jump!

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My New Remember Me Video – Tyler & Ally   13 comments

Here’s my new Remember Me video. Unfortunately the song is copyrighted on Youtube in the US, so US viewers can only watch it on Vimeo (which is posted below as well)

Regarding spoilers: It has parts of many of the clips released. Nothing else though.

Music: Broken – Lifehouse

Tyler & Ally – Remember Me from Marie L on Vimeo.

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46 Days Until Remember Me — Fanmade Art Countdown — Videos   5 comments

For day 46 of our Remember Me fanmade countdown I’m posting some videos I made. None of these videos contain spoilers (they do contain some script lines but nothing that will spoil the movie). I have made one video that contains full spoilers. Some people have seen it, but I keep it locked on Daily Motion so people won’t stumble upon it and get spoiled by mistake.

First of all here’s a trailer people asked me to make before the original trailer came out. It was a bit hard to make as we didn’t have any footage from the movie, except some from set that wasn’t really all that great. I ended up not going with that and using just pics.

This second one is a vid I made of the relationship between Tyler and his sister Caroline.

This third one was about the relationship between Tyler and his best-friend Aiden.

The fourth one is the fight scene.
Robert Pattinson – Remember Me fight scene
envoy̩ par FP113. РLes derni̬res bandes annonces en ligne.

And this last one you might have seen as I made it recently and it includes parts of the trailer.

My New Remember Me Video – No Spoilers   26 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve actually made videos. Here’s one I made this morning, it’s a Remember Me vid which focuses on Tyler and Ally’s relationship. There are no spoilers in this video. If you want to check out the other vids I’ve made you can check them out here. I‘ve made a bunch of Remember Me ones as well as others. Please comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Music: Lifehouse – Everything

My New Moon Edward and Bella Trailer   49 comments

I made a New Moon “trailer” using the 3 trailers we already had and the footage in the Death Cab for Cutie video. I used all the parts that had Bella and Edward therefore this trailer is only Bella and Edward. Let me know what you guys think!  

Music: Tokio Hotel – Rescue Me

My Remember Me fanmade trailer   74 comments

*There are no major spoilers in this trailer although there are some quotes from the script*

When Cullen Boys Anonymous and JustChristy asked me to do a Remember Me trailer, I had no clue how I was going to pull this one off. First of, all there’s not a lot of good footage available out there, secondly, the footage that was good enough to use didn’t convey the emotion I wanted to bring to the trailer. Another issue was that there are no clips of Rob speaking in Remember me, therefore I didn’t have any audio.

I thought about it for a few days. Turned the idea over and over in my head. I played around, tried a few things. In the end the only thing that would work was using quotes and pics I had. I came up with the taglines as there aren’t any yet, to my knowledge, for Remember Me.

It’s a slow paced trailer. Since I was using pics and quotes I had to make it longer. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.

Please don’t post spoilers in the comments for those who haven’t read the script.


My new vid: Remember Me vid :)   12 comments

I made another Remember Me vid. Here it is. Enjoy.

As a side note the lyrics of the song don’t fit the script, so no worries. No spoilers.  

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