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*There are no major spoilers in this trailer although there are some quotes from the script*

When Cullen Boys Anonymous and JustChristy asked me to do a Remember Me trailer, I had no clue how I was going to pull this one off. First of, all there’s not a lot of good footage available out there, secondly, the footage that was good enough to use didn’t convey the emotion I wanted to bring to the trailer. Another issue was that there are no clips of Rob speaking in Remember me, therefore I didn’t have any audio.

I thought about it for a few days. Turned the idea over and over in my head. I played around, tried a few things. In the end the only thing that would work was using quotes and pics I had. I came up with the taglines as there aren’t any yet, to my knowledge, for Remember Me.

It’s a slow paced trailer. Since I was using pics and quotes I had to make it longer. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.

Please don’t post spoilers in the comments for those who haven’t read the script.


74 responses to “My Remember Me fanmade trailer

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  2. Thanks for putting that together FP! Awesome job once again. I sure hope they release a trailer for this movie soon! They already have a trailer out for Valentines Day that opens the same day.

    Come on Suckmit don’t make us wait that long!

  3. Damn your vids kill me! They are so beautiful and the music and that photos are always perfect!

  4. this is a fan video. It is ok … but i wouln’t call it a trailer.
    It is pic clips set to music.
    Music is nice.

  5. It’s beautiful and heart breaking…

  6. To make a trailer only based on quotes and pics is a DIFFICULT task, the result is a beautiful video that makes you think. Loved the song you used too!

  7. FP you make such amazing vids absolutely loved it ,cant wait to see this film.

  8. Beautiful video. All your vids are great! Thanks for taking the time to make them for us.

  9. It was beautiful and heart wrenching. Thank you.

  10. holy crow! this looks amazing! I can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!

  11. This movie looks so good. This video was great as always hon. Thank you now I have a little insight. I am one of the few who chose to not view the script and will wait to see the Trailers and see the movie when it comes out and I get more anxious as time draws nearer just wish Summit would get off their ass and give us a little tease at least. But this will satisfy my need for now! Thank you FP

  12. Great job! I’ve read the script and can’t wait to see this movie.

  13. Perfect!! With no real footage of the film, only pictures, you did a great job! I read the leaked script, and the song you choose made me cry. This movie is going to heart breaking to watch and I cant wait.

  14. Absolutely beautiful, thank you!

    Sherlock aka locheneileen
  15. Fantastic! So much emotion & made me really want to see the film – and without any spoilers! Beautiful! And screw the comment above about it not being a trailer! What’s a trailer? It’s a short video that makes you want to see a film. I hate pretend-a-experts.
    Thank you!

  16. That is incredible!!!!!

  17. As usual, you have outdone yourself! That was just beautiful. I read the script and you match the words exactly as I pictured it. Great job!!!

  18. Did not read the script. Don’t want to. I will watch this, though, because I know the care you put into your videos. if you say there are no big spoilers, I believe you. Pushing PLAY now…
    First, beautifully done, as always. Great song choice. It fit the pics & mood.
    I think your story progression was amazing. I still feel unspoiled for the plot and i am really looking forward to the official trailer. I hope it lives up to yours.
    It’s a good thing there’s a couple of movies coming in Nov. that I’m looking forward to, or I’d want it to be February NOW.
    Thanks again for all the beauty you share with us. Somebody really should hire you to do this for a living.

  19. that was so sad…i think the first pics were before he even started to film. poor him…awwww…

  20. This is really good. You have done a great job, as usual!

  21. Your video is awsome!
    Where I can read the script?

  22. What can I say, you are simply the best! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. Love this video! One of my favorite songs ever! Can’t wait for this movie. I have not read the script but by the looks of things it’s going to be incredible!

  23. WOW…wonderful…I really wasn’t following this film *smile*, other than your coverage…NOW I am interested in seeing it hahahahha…Beautiful Job!!! *HUGS*

  24. Another great job bb, you had me in tears!

  25. Great trailer, especially with what you had to work with. I actually had tears in my eyes just from this. I think I’m going to invest in the kleenex industry before February. I’ll make a killing when the movie comes out. I don’t know if I can stand it…but I’ll try.

  26. That was great…doin The Man’s job…DAMN THE MAN…very touching and a good selection of pics to match the quotes 🙂

  27. FP, you. Are. My. Hero… As for the real suckmit trailer, I think they will release it after November 20th (New Moon release date), well, because they suck.

  28. That trailer was AMAZING! I actually got a little teary eyed. Thank you for sharing your talent with all us!

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  30. So amazing! Had me mesmerized. Can’t wait to see the Premiere. ❤

  31. Thank you so much! This trailer is so made of awesome, Summit should hire you right now to put together the real one!! *Hugs* & *Muah*

  32. This was very nice! Thank you!!

  33. i hope that suckmit will show the trailer b4 new moon. i cant wait 2 c this movie. i totally read the script and i love it.

  34. I’ve avoided watching this all day because I had a feeling of the emotion it would elicit. It is beautiful. I will be a puddle in the theater.

    Gorgeous, beautiful heartbreaking vid FP. Thank you.

  35. That was incredible. Good job.

    I’m actually more excited to see this movie than I am New Moon. I am trying to stay away from any spoilers and the script, so thanks for not posting any. =)

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  37. Beautiful trailer! Rob is so freaking hot and am I weird that I absolutely don’t care about the Emilie part, but I ADORE the parts with his sister? I can’t wait to see this movie!
    Thanks again for the trailer! 🙂

    • I love the relationship with his sister. I made a video of it here. First one at the top

      • Thanks! I’m going to check it out now! 🙂

        • That was simply wonderful! Beautiful images and a beautiful song to go with them. You can never go wrong with Coldplay imo. 😉
          This movie is going to be so freaking good, I can’t wait to see it. I finally caved and read the script yesterday afternoon and I was blown away!
          I won’t spoil it of course, I’m just going to say that now I’m looking forward to Tyler/Caroline AND Tyler/Aidan. Man, those parts are gonna be funny. *lol*
          Anyway, sorry for the long post. Thanks for another incredible video! You’re the best!!! 🙂

  38. i did read the script before the link at script shadow was removed and i think that the song choice was perfect…poigant and beautiful. oh and i do not recommend that anyone read the script before they see this movie…it is heartbreaking,

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  40. For those of you who haven’t seen them before here are my other Remember Me vids. No spoilers:

    Rob & Ruby (Tyler and Caroline)

    Rob & Tate (Tyler and Aidan)

    Fight scene:

  41. Beautiful as always hun!

  42. Wow….Absolutely beautiful.

  43. aww, thank YOU so much for that breathtakingly beautiful video!!!

    (and many thanks for that link to An Unofficial Remember Me Site!! you made my day!!)

  44. absolutely beautiful. thanks! I am not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes. The movie is just going to kill me.

  45. gorgeous, i once saw a mashup from harry potter movies. this is SO much better!

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  47. Thank you so much! I’m so excited to see this movie! Thanks for putting that all together! INCREDIBLE!

  48. Thanks for all the great comments everyone 🙂

  49. Definitely heart wrenching and I am now crying. Thanks a lot FP, lol! You are amazing. Great song choice – one of my daughter’s favorites.

    You don’t mind if I share your video on facebook, do you? I will wait for your answer.

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  51. It’s beautiful. Very nice job! Thank you.

  52. that was amazing! excellent job. it brought tears to my eyes. i can’t wait until that movie comes out!!!!

  53. i love the trailer thank you for sharing it with us that was nice of u to do that i can not wait to see it in the movies. u are so cute and hot

  54. I know nothing of this particular movie…but this video brought me to tears. Beautifully done!!! The pics along with the quotes not only makes me want to know more, but this is one movie I now can not wait to see.

    Thank you FP !!

  55. that and new moon are at the top of the top of my list of to definitely see movies

  56. that is beautiful

  57. is going to be Hard to see it…


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