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New/Old picture of Robert Pattinson with hair extensions for Twilight   29 comments


Source: RP Life

Black & whites and colour enhanced pics   7 comments

This is one of the reasons I love Corrina. She just sent me an e-mail with these black & whites attached. Isn’t she the sweetest? I edited some of the e-mail of course 😉

I popped into  twitter earlier. You not well babe? Well these are FOR YOU, maybe the smiles will ease your fever—–>or not lol.
Anyway, feel better soon. You work so hard on ToR.

 *snogs* in the absence of Rob
Corinna xx

FYI Corrina can’t make a cup of coffee lol.





Source: Corrina Spencer

New Edward and Bella Still   2 comments



Thanks Corrina for the black & white!

Lion and Lamb via His Golden Eyes

What you’ve been waiting for – Premiere Magazine scans with full English Translation   84 comments

Here are the scans of Premiere Magazine! Translation was done by me. If there are any errors or typos I’m sorry, I’m sick, my spell-check in Word isn’t working and I was trying to get it up as quickly as possible for you guys.

“You wake up one morning and suddenly you’re a star”


Same as last time. The translation was done by me. Sorry for the watermark but I’m not taking chances any longer after what happened last time. I didn’t translate word for word so if you use it without sourcing I’ll know it’s my translation. Sorry I have to be so ruthless.   

Sixth role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 4 years ago, Robert Pattinson has become a walking phenomemon thanks to the Twilight Saga. For the vam(pire) or the best? (FP note: Pire in French means worst). Face-to-face interview with the hotest actor of the moment.





Top of page 58 “It has always surprised me that Edward was the “perfect man”. To me he’s a person filled with anger, it’s worries me a bit.” Robert Pattinson.







I’m not translating the last 2 pages as they are more about idols and how people see them than New Moon or Rob.


Source (For scans) thanks to auntapey for the tip!

Fan video: What if Bella died – Breaking Dawn   8 comments

A fan made vid of what might have happened if Bella died in Breaking Dawn. This may or may not have brought me close to tears.

Thanks to Twicrack Addict for the tip

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Pics of Rob playing music   Leave a comment

Sticking with my theme this morning, so here are some pics of Rob playing the guitar, the piano and singing.


More pics after the jump!

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Rob’s music   5 comments

Since we’re delving into music this morning, I thought I’d do a Rob music post. MyRobPattinson will be opening a site soon for Rob’s music. I can’t wait to see it. You’ll be able to find it here.

Yesterday she was asking if people knew which brand and model of guitar Rob played. If any of you know could you please let one of us know?

I’m a big fan of Rob’s music, my favourite song is I was Broken which was written by Marcus Foster. What better way to start the morning than with Rob’s music? So here are Rob’s songs. The only vid I made in these is the “I was Broken” one. Enjoy!

Rob playing the piano

I was Broken

Let me sign

Let me sign – Full version

More vids after the jump!

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Could this possibly be Rob’s composition for Twilight?   7 comments

Update: Thank you all for your answers. They are not Rob’s compositions. I removed the files from Youtube not to mislead people.

A while back I received a zip file with all of Rob’s songs on it. To my surprise there were two piano songs. One was titled Bella’s Song and the other was called Esme’s Favorite which turned out to be Star Salzman – Long Night . Could the other be the one Rob composed for Twilight? I don’t know. Is it even Rob playing? I don’t know either. If someone out there knows, I would really like to know. I’ve asked people who play the piano if they’ve ever heard this song before and they’ve told me that they hadn’t. Nevertheless it’s a great song. Here it is, I didn’t do a fancy video, just the music. 

Thanks to AlexxuPsycho for letting me know that the second one was Star Salzman – Long Night. I deleted it from Youtube as I don’t want to mislead people 🙂

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Another new vid   13 comments

Here’s another new vid I made today. This one is in French for my French gals. I’ve been thinking about making a video in French for a while now because there aren’t many out there.

All pics are from the Remember Me set.

Music: Les Étoiles Filantes – Les Cowboys Fringants



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New video by Lost Immortal – Rob – Supermassive Blackhole   3 comments

I love Lost Immortal‘s videos. One of my favorite Rob vid was made by her. Here’s her latest video:

This is the one she made that’s my all time favourite

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