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Another New Moon calendar   9 comments



RP Life

Robert Pattinson leaving the set of New Moon and we got screwed LOL   17 comments

Sorry guys this pic is not from last night. Source was wrong. Rob Pattz News just told us it was from New Moon.



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Robert Pattinson and New Moon cast EW Comic-Con portraits – HQ   3 comments


Black & whites were done by Corrina Spencer

Thanks CarinaOlsen and Robert Pattinson Life!

2 great pics of Robert Pattinson during the filming of Twilight   6 comments

Corrina just sent me these two pics and she did a great job! Love them!



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Black & white photoshoot pics of Robert Pattinson   2 comments

More pics from the lovely Corrina this morning šŸ™‚


More pics after the jump!

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Black & white pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Twilight and New Moon   Leave a comment

Corrina just e-mailed me these black & white pics. Gotta love her šŸ™‚


More pics after the jump!

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Blast from the past Edward Cullen Style   12 comments

I figure you’ve seen these pics, oh, probably a zillion times already. But since I’ve never made a Twilight pic post and I figure you guys never really get tired of seeing these, I thought why not. I also wanted to make a few comments on some of these pics.Ā  IĀ couldn’t help but add the pic of Voldemort running after Rob, because I’m a dork like that šŸ˜‰

Let’s start with this one… Catherine, I don’t even know what to say about this one. You looked at every little detail in the movie, like an armadillo in science class, a picture of a wolf in Bella’s bedroom… So tell me, please, why wouldĀ did youĀ think that putting a chart with body parts on it, in a restaurant, would be a good idea?! I don’t know, but when I go to the restaurant I don’t want to have a huge ear right in front of my face, but maybe that’s just me…


I seriously hope Kellan didn’t eat that hot-dog in front of him and what is that in front of Rob?! Are those fries?!


Rob, this is why wearing a belt might be a good idea… just a thought you know lol.


More pics after the jump!

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