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Pics of Robert Pattinson from MTV’s Behind the Scenes with the New Moon Cast   3 comments


You can see the rest of the cast pics at  MTV !

Video: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner speak about New Moon   Leave a comment


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Collider: What can we expect on the New Moon DVD?

Chris Weitz: On the DVD there will be some deleted scenes, there will be a commentary with me and I think Kristen, Rob and Taylor at the same time, and some making of and behind the scenes type stuff.

My big question is how many minutes of deleted scenes?

Weitz: I think it’s around twenty.

Is there really going to be that many minutes?

Weitz: Yeah, but sometimes it’s just showing a whole scene with bits that have been cut out. There is not like twenty minutes of stuff thrown out. It’s like here is the fully expanded scene.

Here’s my question….the Twilight fans are obsessed with seeing stuff they haven’t seen before. So how many minutes do you think of footage that’s not in the theater would be on the DVD/Blu-ray?

Weitz: I’d say a good ten minutes of groovy stuff they haven’t seen.

So why did you cut it?

Weitz: The running time of the film and the cadence of how I wanted the film to play.

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Robert Pattinson- New “New Moon” Still   1 comment


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Taylor Lautner Speaks About Robert Pattinson   2 comments

New Moon

Q: Who else are you close to?

Taylor: I wouldn’t be able to pick one. If I were to start, I’d end up listing the whole cast. I do spend a lot of time with Kristen because all my scenes are involved with her, so Kristen and I are very close. I guess I’m close with Rob, too, ’cause we spend a lot of time together as well. But, the great thing about this series is that the whole entire cast is so close, and it would be a nightmare if we weren’t. It would be impossible to make this series because the characters are so tight. So, we’re really thankful that we all get along so well.

Q: Who would win in a fight between Jacob and Edward? And what about between you and Rob?

Taylor: Oh, man. I don’t know about between me and Rob. He actually does a lot of boxing, in his time off.(Kate: *faints) It might be a good match-up. We were actually discussing who would win in a fight between Jacob and Edward, while we were on set. There’s a scene outside Bella’s house where Edward grabs Jacob’s shoulder and Jacob doesn’t take that, so takes his arm and rips it off, and that moment Jacob would transform into a wolf.

We were having that discussion and it got really deep. We were like, “If Jacob were to poof into a wolf right now, what would happen? Who would win?” Our discussion points were that wolves are usually with their pack, so if Jacob is without his pack, is he going to be weaker? Honestly, I don’t know. That discussion is still up in the air. We should probably get Stephenie Meyer on the line and ask her.

Q: With Rob and Kristen being a bit older than you, have they given you any advice about enjoying the moment?

Taylor: No. I think most of our talking has pretty much stayed on a business level, and that’s the great thing with our relationship. All of us are completely open and not afraid. We don’t hold anything back. We talk about our characters together, and have meetings to discuss our characters. It’s really, really helpful, but we haven’t gotten to life talks yet.

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Robert Pattinson in Superstars of New Moon   2 comments


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The Canadian Gazette Talks New Moon   3 comments

2009-11-03 Tokyo Fan Meeting Sarah (152)

LOS ANGELES – There aren’t many sure things in the Hollywood movie business, except maybe death and facelifts. Now add this to the list: count on New Moon to score big at the box office.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon previewed here over the past few days, and most in attendance agreed afterward that the Twilight franchise’s future continues to look bright.

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Robert Pattinson to appear on French TV Shows- 14/11/2009   3 comments


Robert Pattinson in French TV shows “Accès privé” and “50 mn inside” on Nov 14th 2009

There will be reports on Robert Pattinson in the following French Tv shows “Accès privé” and “50 mn inside” on Nov 14th.

Accès privé is broascasted at 5.40 pm on M6. The show is available on replay on the following link >>> Accès privé

“50 mn inside” is broadcasted at 6.50 p.m on TF1. The show is available on replay on the following link>>> 50 mn inside

We don’t know if these shows will display exclusive images or Interviews of Robert after his being in Paris this Nov 10th.

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