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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce Interview with MTV UK   1 comment

UPDATE: Full interview added

Part of the interview after the jump

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*VIDEO* Full Robert Pattinson interview with MTV   1 comment

we’ve posted snippets of the interview before HERE but now we have the full interview on Youtube:

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview with MTV   2 comments


From MTV

Forget the vampire of yesteryear. For his next act, Robert Pattinson plays an all-new kind of animal.

Pattinson is one of the two stars of “The Rover,” director David Michôd’s thriller that takes place in the not-too-distant future, ten years after a global economic collapse. Set in the Australian outback, Guy Pearce plays Eric, a violent drifter who cares about only one thing in this desolate world: his car. When his car is hijacked by a bunch of criminals, Eric tracks down one of the thugs’ dim-witted brother, Rey (Pattinson), and drags him along on a quest to reclaim his possession and get some vengeance in the process.

It’s a very different turn for Pattinson, who, up until recently, was best known for his heartthrob role as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series. Pattinson has made an active effort to take on radically new roles, what with David Cronenberg’s supremely surreal “Cosmopolis,” and now “The Rover.” Here, Pattinson presents himself without his signature locks, opting instead for a closely-cropped buzz cut. His trademark smile is not a thing of beauty here, thanks to a thick layer of dirt and grime on his teeth. As Rey, Pattinson presents a character who isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch — but just might be one of the most vulnerable.

“He’s like Bambi,” Pattinson told MTV News. “He’s been really, severely bullied and told that there’s something wrong with him for so long. He’s never been asked the [right] questions or anything. Even when Guy’s character is incredibly abusive, it’s really the first time Rey’s been told to think, and the mechanism of thinking isn’t really there.”

“When [Pearce] asks him, ‘Is that something he told you or something you know?’ He can’t understand the basic question,” he continued, “because no one’s ever asked him that. They just slap him in the head all the time. Their relationship is a bit of a rebirth.”

While Pattinson’s character is a lifelong victim of bullying, Pattinson himself experienced a fairly serene childhood — except for the one time someone stole his shoelaces, when he was twelve years old. How did Pattinson deal with that adversity?

I killed him,” he joked, before adding with a laugh, “I actually did beat him up, and he was only eight. You have to pick your battles!”

“The Rover” is open in limited release now.


Robert Pattinson’s interview with MTV Australia at the premiere of The Rover in Sydney   1 comment

PATTINSONLIFE060714-14 (15)  If you were anywhere near Sydney’s State Theatre on Saturday night you might have been mistaken for thinking we were back in the times of Beatlemania, as hundreds of fans lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the British heartthrob.

In an MTV exclusive, we quizzed the former Twilight star on what he thinks of his adoring fans that came out to see him ahead of the Australian premiere of his new film The Rover for the Sydney Film Festival.

“They’re really sweet,” he blushed as they hysterically screamed behind him.

Before he hit the red carpet the 28-year-old generously spent around forty-five minutes chatting to his biggest supporters, some of whom had been patiently waiting on the street since 6am.

The humble and softly-spoken actor seems to be going from strength to strength with a slew of hard-hitting films coming out over the next year; a definite departure from his star-making role in The Twilight Saga.

If he wasn’t blessed enough with some fine acting chops and a face that could turn a house-wife into a bumbling mess, he’s also got an impressive set of pipes, but says he’s unfortunately not releasing any new music.

“No, not in the foreseeable future,” he said. If you’re aching to hear him sing you can catch him in The Rover hilariously singing along to a Keri Hilson song, one of the many memorable moments as he delivers a brilliant performance as Rey alongside Aussie great, Guy Pearce.

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*VIDEO* Carey Mulligan Talks About Robert Pattinson and Hold on To Me   3 comments

Carey Mulligan talks about Robert Pattinson and Hold on To Me with MTV.


*Video* Robert Pattinson’s Interview from the Golden Globes with MTV Hungary   1 comment

Here’s a video of an interview Robert Pattinson did with MTV Hungary at the Golden Globes. Thanks doszi82 for the heads up. 


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*VIDEO* Rob talks about ‘The Rover’ and ‘Mission: Blacklist’ with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz   3 comments

Here’s a short clip of Rob talking about his new movie project ‘The Rover’ and ‘Mission: Blacklist’ with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz:

CLICK HERE or the image to watch:

From MTV:

As “Twilight” fades into the rearview mirror, Robert Pattinson’s future is looking very bright. Well, that’s not entirely true — when looking at one of Pattinson’s upcoming projects, “The Rover,” the future actually looks pretty bleak.

Pattinson stars alongside Guy Pearce in director David Michod’s “The Rover,” a futuristic Western set in the Australian desert. Pearce stars as Eric, a no-nonsense loner who loses his car and only remaining possessions when he’s robbed by a gang. Eric forcefully enlists one of the abandoned and wounded gang members, Rey (Pattinson), to help him track down the gang and get his belongings back at any cost. It’s a complicated and dangerous plot indeed, but it’s also one that Pattinson is more than happy to embrace.

“It’s a really tough script,” he told MTV News while promoting “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.” “I don’t really know, I don’t even know how to talk about it yet. It’s one of the best I’ve read. It’s one of my top five favorite scripts I’ve read since I started doing this. It’s really nerve-racking.”

Nerve-racking as “The Rover” is, it pales in comparison to the real-life dangers presented by “Mission: Blacklist,” Pattinson’s upcoming war movie based on the true story of Army interrogator Eric Maddox, who was involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein. The role requires Pattinson to film in Iraq, which understandably made his family members uncomfortable at first — but the actor thinks his loved ones are beginning to warm up to the idea.

“My parents seem to be coming around to it now,” he said with a laugh. “That’s strange. I don’t know what happened.”


Rob on MTV After Hours this Thursday, November 15   Leave a comment

If you’re #Robsessed w/adorable puppies like @JoshuaHorowitz is, you should see this preview pic from #AfterHours

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*VIDEO* MTV’s Rough Cut: Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

MTV’s Rough Cut: Robert Pattinson

(3 videos in 1)

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New MTV After Hours with Robert Pattinson and the cast of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’   2 comments