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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson and John Cusack interview with Dork Shelf – TIFF MTTS promo   Leave a comment


*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson interview with CTV News – MTTS TIFF Promo   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s Interview with ET Canada from the MTTS TIFF Press Junket   Leave a comment


David Michôd and Guy Pearce talk about Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

We’ve posted some interviews with David Michôd and Guy Pearce talking about Robert Pattinson and The Rover; here are few more


David Michôd

First Showing (starts at 13:10)

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with Salon   1 comment


He’s been trying to shed Edward Cullen for years — and now he may finally have done it.

Robert Pattinson rose to megafame playing Cullen, a lovelorn vampire, in the “Twilight” series, but has in his off-dury hours been trying to become something more interesting than a leading man. After the period piece “Bel Ami” and the romantic dramas “Remember Me” and “Water for Elephants” didn’t connect, Pattinson has styled himself as a versatile supporting actor. In David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson, perpetually picking up new visitors in his limousine, was nominally the lead but was willing to cede the role of most interesting person on-screen to just about anyone who crossed his path; in Cronenberg’s forthcoming “Maps to the Stars,” Pattinson plays the limo driver.

And in David Michôd’s new film “The Rover,” Pattinson makes his greatest departure yet, playing a mentally challenged vagrant who’s migrated to a post-apocalyptic Australia and finds himself on a quest to help Guy Pearce find his car. It’s the sort of role that at a different time of year, and in a tonier, more tasteful sort of film, ends up in Oscar conversations: Pattinson has mottled brown teeth and a thick Southern accent. If this sounds like a way for Pattinson to finally shed the constraints of his leading-man roles, it is — but it’s clear that Pattinson is having fun while doing it.

He seemed open and relaxed in his standard white T-shirt when we met at New York’s Bowery Hotel, where he chugged sparkling water between answers. He spoke freely about what’s next up — including James Gray’s “Lost City of Z” adaptation and “Life,” a James Dean biopic by Anton Corbijn. Spoiler alert: Pattinson is not playing Dean.

When you go for weeks at a time promoting something, are there questions you’re repeatedly asked that you’re tired of answering?

Well, I can never remember what I’m asked. But I kept getting asked about flies in the outback, because I’d mentioned one time in the very first interview I did, “Oh, there’s loads of flies there — it’s really crazy.” And when interviewers will ask you again, I’m like, “Surely, surely you’ve seen this. Yes, there are a lot of flies.” And they just keep asking. What do I say? “Oh, actually flies are amazing; it was the best part of all of it.”

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*NEW* Crave Online Interview with Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd for The Rover   1 comment



*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson & The Rover on IMDb: What to Watch   2 comments

The Rover featured on IMDb: What to Watch. Interviews with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce.



*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview on   1 comment

New Robert Pattinson interview on

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson Interview with The Insider   2 comments

New Robert Pattinson Interview with The Insider.


Robert Pattinson Interview with Le Nouvel Observateur   1 comment

Robert Pattinson interview with Le Nouvel Observateur.

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