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Robert Pattinson Interview with Le Nouvel Observateur   1 comment

Robert Pattinson interview with Le Nouvel Observateur.

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Cosmopolis Review by Le Nouvel Observateur   1 comment

Le Nouvel Observateur reviewed Cosmopolis and gave it 4 out of 5 stars! The bullet points below are from the Google translation (ommmmmmmmmmm) but the links to the French articles are below.

  • The film received 4 out of 5 stars noted on Allocine HERE.
  • [Cosmopolis] is puzzling, annoying, surprising, exciting.
  • [Cronenberg] has fun mix of violence and humor, science fiction and gives rise to sorrow, the careless and tragedy.
  • [Pattinson] is perfect: annoying, arrogant, talkative and charming.
  • Robert Pattinson has merit. And charm. Adding that the car is pleasant, with soft lighting and bar in digital gadgets.
  • [Cronenberg’s] film is like no other, is a signature elegance, its willingness to move away from Hollywood is constant.
  • Cosmopolis is the lament of the crisis.
  • David Cronenberg has always loved the mix of genre cinema and philosophy.
  • Two worlds collide: the smooth surfaces, brushed steel, glass, lacquer, and the disorder, old furniture, dirty shirts, peeling walls. That, ultimately, that the hero will see his sad destiny tie. The discomfort, although this is the keyword of Cronenberg film.

You can find the original articles HERE for the the Cosmopolis review and HERE for the Robert Pattinson portion of the review. There is also a summary of the review but it contains a major spoiler if you haven’t read the book. Click HERE for the French version.

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