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French release date for ‘LIFE’ – September 30   Leave a comment


‘LIFE’ with Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan to be released on September 30


Official confirmation from the French distributor


Maps To The Stars French DVD/Blu-ray Release Date & Covers   Leave a comment

Here are the French release date (September 24th) and covers for Maps to the Stars on DVD/Blu-Ray

DVD: Pre-Order here


Blu-Ray: Pre-Order here


Robert Pattinson’s French Character Poster for ‘Maps to the Stars’   Leave a comment

Colmo Pattinson

“Stars’ Chauffeur ready for anything to become an actor”


French Poster for ‘Maps to the Stars’   Leave a comment



French release date for The Rover – June 4th   Leave a comment

The Rover‘s French distributor tweeted about a possible release date: May 21st.  A few hours later, Metropolitan Films posted that there was no official French release yet.

Today the official date has been announced: June 4th



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‘Maps To The Stars’ will be released in France on May 21   Leave a comment

The French distributor confirmed on twitter:

@le_pacte: Maps To The Stars from David Cronenberg released on May 21! MTTS # # # DavidCronenberg JulianneMoore RobertPattinson # # # MiaWasikowska JohnCusack


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French release date for ‘The Rover’ – May 21st?   1 comment

ETA: The French Distributor has removed the date

Original post

THE ROVER with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson will be released in France on May 21!

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French Distributor Confirms ‘Maps To The Stars’ May Release For France   Leave a comment

From Allocine | Translation thanks to Pattinson_AW


Le Pacte has announced that “Maps to the Stars”, the next feature film by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson, John Cusack and Julianne Moore will hit our screens in May 2014.

As we announced in January a first editing of Maps To The Stars was ready and that the film had passed by the Committee of Film Classification in the United States, Le Pacte – the french distributor – just gave a release date for the next film by David Cronenberg, in May 2014.

No specific date has been given, but like his Cosmopolis in 2012, there is a good chance that the release will be made simultaneously in theaters and for its presentation at Cannes.

Led by Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore and John Cusack, Maps To The Stars central theme is Hollywood, and more exactly the obsession with celebrity.

David Cronenberg has been selected 4 times in Cannes in Official Competition: Crash in 1996 and Spider in 2002, A History of Violence in 2005 and Cosmopolis in 2012.

Note that The Rover by David Michôd with Robert Pattinson has no realease date yet too and could be in competition for the Palme d’Or.

Double dose of Pattinson for the 67th Cannes Film Festival?

The French distributor also confirmed via twitter to Pattinson_AW the May release

And TheFilmStage is thinking the same as everyone else


Robert Pattinson Dior-interview with Madame Le Figaro – France   3 comments

Here’s a new picture of Rob for the Dior Homme press photoshoot


New icon of Dior Homme cologne, the Twilight star refuse to let fame suck the lifeblood out of him. At 27, the idol who’s so britishdemands his artistic ambition and his fierce hunger for freedom. Meeting with a new wave gentleman.

He’s the star of the Twilight saga and only swears by Jean-Luc Godard. He’s an hunted idol. He loves nothing more than parties among friends. He’s cheerful, pessimistic, daring and anxious.
When you have to do a portrait of Robert Pattinson, you have to point out inconsistencies and try to understand why this 27 years old man, who might not have been armed to face this cannibal fame – gives a particular sense to the word ‘freedom’. Some are more free than others, but not him, fighting against a seclusion he’s trying to get out of.

One year after the Twilight saga ended – which propelled him amongst the tight group of overpayed actors in Hollywood. The impatient British guy wants to live differently than in the translucent skin of a romantic vampire who electrifies young girls.

Read the rest of the interview after the jump!

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Fan Pictures From Robert Pattinson’s 20-Second Dior Homme Ad Playing at Sephora   1 comment

The Dior Homme stand at Sephora’s at Champs Elysées is extra special because it has Dior Rob in motion! A 20-second video playing on the screen in the stand.

Here are some pictured of the video thanks to Pattinson Art Work

The stand


A description of the 20-second ad

First we saw Camille coming to him when he is sitting on the bed. We see her legs. And we saw them on the bed, sitting, she embraces him, so sweet.
Then we see a close up of his face (gorgeous), eyes closed, lying on the bed. Then the upside down underwater kiss!
After that we see the gif dior released earlier today, Rob on the rooftop in NY
Camille sunbathing at the hotel on the beach and Camille dancing while tying her hair into a ponytail in the room. And finally Rob on the rooftop in NY, gorgeous, with his sunglasses 🙂 That’s it!

If you are around the area, go check it out!

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