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Robert Pattinson played the Guitar on Death Grips’ song ‘Birds’   3 comments

Robert Pattinson played the Guitar on Death Grips’ song ‘Birds’



@newnewpollution credits on the new vinyl release of Death Grips’ Government Plates.

ETA: Pitchfork posted more details about how they recorded that:

It’s been confirmed that this is true. Zach Hill recorded Pattinson’s guitar with his iPhone and the band sampled the recording on the track.



Rob with Zach Hill and MC Ride from Death Grips at Beyonce’s concert back in 2013


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Johnny Flynn Talks About Rob   Leave a comment


This answers my next question before I can ask it; how come he hasn’t collaborated with his close friend Robert Pattinson? Why no cameo in Twilight? Flynn laughs. “We talked about doing a project together, that’s maybe still in the works.”

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Robert Pattinson’s song collection   2 comments

We all love Rob making music and singing, so here’s a collection of some of Robert Pattinson’s songs.

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It’s All On You

I Was Broken live

More videos after the jump

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Robert Pattinson In Pop Star Magazine – Spain   2 comments

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*VIDEO* French Channel M6 talks about Robert Pattinson and his music   Leave a comment

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*SCAN* Remember Me in ‘Lembranças’ – Colombia   1 comment

Here’s a scan of Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me in ‘Lembranças’

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Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artists Think Robert Pattinson is an Incredible Musician   1 comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(if you cant view the video try HERE instead)

We’re loving the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and were really excited to chat with the musicians featured on the album at the premiere last week. So many interesting, unique artists who were mostly unknowns before their songs were chosen got to go watch their music play in a blockbuster film. How surreal! We were lucky enough to speak with Christina Perri (a major Twilight fangirl), Imperial Mammoth, Sleeping at Last (OMG that song! Tears) and Cider Sky and asked them all if they’d ever consider collaborating with another Twilight musician — actor Rob Pattinson. They were all, obviously, gung-ho and complimented his talent as a singer-songwriter and musician.

“He’s an incredible singer and guitar player,” Perri said. When asked if she’d love to work with him she replied, “I would be so down.” So would every other artist we talked to. Check out their Rob love in the clip above.


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