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Music featured in the International ‘Cosmopolis’ trailer   Leave a comment

proXima – Need to Breathe (radio edit version) NB : The film COSMOPOLIS uses a special metal remix of this song for the soundtrack of its international trailer (film Director : David Cronenberg, Starring : Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, …)

The metal remix will be online soon

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*VIDEO* French Channel M6 talks about Robert Pattinson and his music   Leave a comment

Via /  Via

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Music featured in The ‘Cosmopolis’ Teaser   Leave a comment

Title: 10 Inch Nails
Performers: Audiomachine
Writers: Birol DINLETIR

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The Sunday Times: ‘Bel Ami’ Composer Shares All   4 comments


Sunday Times has a great interview with the composer for Bel Ami, Lakshman Joseph de Saram. Here a small excerpt. Read the full article at the source HERE:

There are two visits to London, the first to meet the film’s two directors, Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, to discuss “the tone” the music should take. The second visit is to attend the recording sessions of Joseph de Saram’s film score. The orchestra is assembled at Angel Studios and is composed of members of leading British orchestras. Both experiences – meeting the directors, meeting the musicians playing his music – are cruel tests of nerve. The completed, much revised, score is ready by December 2010.

The soundtrack is set to be released on March 20th: more info HERE

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*VIDEO* Iron & Wine Flightless Bird, American Mouth: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Version   5 comments

Here’s the Breaking Dawn “Wedding version” of Flightless Bird, American Mouth from Iron & Wine 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source  / Youtube

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Listen to the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack on October 29   Leave a comment

From TwilightFB

MTV: “Robert Pattinson Not Recording a Record”   2 comments

From MTV

Contrary to online rumors, ‘Breaking Dawn’ star has no plans to drop an LP, rep confirms to MTV News.

His legions of hopeful fans will be sad to hear it, but despite reports and rumors to the contrary, Robert Pattinson is not recording an album.

On Tuesday (September 20), Us Weekly reported that the “Twilight” superstar was itching to record his own songs, but according to the magazine’s two sources, he felt torn between his acting commitments and his love of music. The story further alleged that the 25-year-old would be putting together a guitar-based record in the next few weeks, before the promotional tour for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” kicks into gear.

MTV News reached out to Pattinson’s rep, who told us, “The report is untrue. He is not working on an album right now.”

Of course, that is not to say Pattinson might not record music someday — he has previously recorded “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign” for the original “Twilight” soundtrack — but it’s not happening now.

When we caught up with “Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon at Comic-Con, he confirmed that there would be some familiar musical themes weaved into the fourth film, courtesy of composer Carter Burwell, who scored the first movie. And while the director would not confirm Pattinson’s inclusion on the soundtrack, he hinted that some of the musically inclined cast members might lend their talents.

“We’re just figuring out [the soundtrack] now,” Condon said during MTV News’ “Breaking Dawn” Comic-Con takeover. “We have a lot of [songs]. We have like 15, I think.”

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Marcus Foster mentions Robert Pattinson & Twilight on Radio 2 (UK)   1 comment


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Lyrics For Rob’s New Song – We have Some But Help Us Put the Rest Together   26 comments

I have to admit I’m a HUGE fan of Rob’s music. I love the emotion he puts into his voice when he sings. So this morning when I woke up I tried putting together the lyrics… It’s a bit hard, so here’s where I’m asking your help. I’ll write down the parts I “think” he sings. If you guys can help me fill in the gaps or correct the ones I have, maybe we can piece it together! 

So here goes:

I strum a double string, 

My hands play softly on a string now,

And I do believe that honestly,

That I know just where I want to be right now,

There are pictures in her eyes that are a threat for the skies,

So I’ll wait ,

And with our souls misunderstood, 

and our minds they sought to map the way, (??) 

For how long, how long, 

How long must you take? 

I was set for that mistake ,

But you moved, 

When there was nothing that I couldn’t take, 

It’s all on you darling, 

You took me in when my eyes were turned, 

It’s all on you babe, 

You turned your back  when I tried to learn,

Still I cannot lift my eyes, 

If your hands are turned in  mine, 

But you dared now,

What you said  our  souls could contain, (??) 

Could contain,

Now I’m gone, 

With a broken, twisted, soul in mine, 

But for how long? 

Because I wasted this train of youth  all on you,

it’s all on you,

it’s all on you,

all on you, 

all on you,

all on you, 

all on you, 

It’s all on you, 

It’s all on you. 

I cross referenced with this version when I was done as well to see if I could find more words. Thanks to socalmom2four  & PJann21 for help on the second line.  

Listen to a Preview of the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack   1 comment

One month until ‘Water for Elephants’ hit theaters and CinemaMusica is giving us the chance to preview the movie’s soundtrack.

Thnx to RPLife for adding them all to youtube:

See the rest after the jump!

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