Listen to a Preview of the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack   1 comment

One month until ‘Water for Elephants’ hit theaters and CinemaMusica is giving us the chance to preview the movie’s soundtrack.

Thnx to RPLife for adding them all to youtube:

See the rest after the jump!

Listen HERE to a 30 second clip

You can pre-order the soundtrack HERE – It will be released on April 19th.


1. Did I Miss It? (1:53)
2. The Circus Sets Up (2:32)
3. Circus Fantasy (3:45)
4. Jacob Sees Marlena (5:01)
5. Button Up Your Overcoat – Ruth Etting (0:32)
6. Prosze, Rosie, dac noge (4:12)
7. Rosie (3:25)
8. Speakeasy Kiss (1:34)
9. I m Confessin That I Love You (1:41)
10. Barabra s Tent (1:18)
11. Jacob Returns (5:31)
12. Don’t Tell Him What Happened to Me (2:03)
13. Shooting Star (2:26)
14. The Job Is Yours (0:57)
15. I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl – Bessie Smith (2:47)
16. Stomp Time Blues – Jasper Taylor & His Statestreet Boys (2:34)
17. I Can See Straight Through You (6:00)
18. Sanctuary (1:55)
19. Baptism / Jacob & Rosie (1:59)
20. The Stampede / I m Coming Home (8:21)

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