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Olivier Assayas talks about Robert Pattinson and financing ‘Idol’s Eye’   Leave a comment


Your next movie will co-star Robert Pattinson. Do you feel similarly about him?
I met him in London at a very early stage before I shot “Sils Maria” while I was still working on the screenplay for my next film, but I knew I wanted him for the leading role. We had a long conversation in London about the project.

Does working with these younger, well-known U.S. actors make it easier for you to get your films done?
No. You know, a movie like “Sils Maria” functions pretty much the same way as my other movies in terms of how I build it. I have a similar budget. It’s a small film. We shot in 32 days, six weeks.

And for the next one? (if financing of Idol’s Eye will come from ARTE)
No. It’s a different system of financing, American financing. That’ll be the first time for me.

How’s it going so far?
Honestly, I’m a little nervous about it at this stage. You have to deal with business types — movie business types: lawyers, bankers, accountants, all these kinds of other types you just don’t want to spend five minutes with. The thing is, I make movies because I can choose the people who I spend time with. I don’t have to deal with the bullshit of everyday job stuff. So I don’t want to end up making movies with people I’m not interested in. People I’m bored with who don’t share my values and so forth. So I’m just trying to structure things in ways that I have to deal the producer of the film and that’s it. I don’t want to have conversations with anyone else.

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New Robert Pattinson interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer + NEW Picture   2 comments


LOS ANGELES—“Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful/ Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful/ Now do the pretty girl rock, rock, rock.” Robert Pattinson singing along to Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” playing on the radio in his car, before a violent moment, is a rare humorous relief in David Michod’s “The Rover.” It prompted a question in a recent interview at LA’s Four Seasons on whether Robert plans to record an album anytime soon.

“I’m always trying to figure out how… but it’s quite difficult,” replied the actor, looking boyish with his short haircut, dark pants, black jacket over a brown shirt and white tee. Laughing, the 28-year-old Robert said, “I want to do it before I’m 30 because I think it gets slightly embarrassing after [that].”

Robert revealed that, originally, he was to sing along to The Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha.” (That would have been a hoot, too.) “But David e-mailed me that Keri Hilson song,” he said. “I thought it was a new song. I didn’t realize it had like 500 million (actually 48 million plus) views on YouTube.”

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New Robert Pattinson interview with The Hollywood Reporter from the LA Premiere   Leave a comment

PATTINSONLIFE061214-199 (72)

The screams of teenage girls could be heard for miles as Robert Pattinson hit the Los Angeles Regency Bruin Theatre on Thursday night at the U.S. premiere of The Rover.

The British star, donned in a navy blue Alexander McQueen suit, hit the red carpet with writer and director David Michod, producers David Linde and Liz Watts, and costar Guy Pearce for the film’s Los Angeles debut.
Made famous for his leading role in the Twilight saga, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he is not confining his career to a specific genre. “I’m not really trying to break out of anything. I feel like every single movie I’ve done is part of the same road. I’m not trying to distance myself of anything particularly,” Pattinson said. “I just hope people like [the film].”

Set a decade following a global economic depression, The Rover tells the story of Eric (Pearce), who relentlessly pursues a brutal gang in the Australian outback that steal his car: his only remaining possession. Left abandoned by his brother and fellow gang members, Rey (Pattinson) is forced to guide Eric in tracking down the brutal clan.

“To be honest, [The Rover] did come to me from a place of anger, when it was a despair and anger that I was feeling about the state of the world today,” Michod explained. “The movie is set a few decades in the future, but it isn’t set for post apocalypse. Michod wanted the evils showcased in the film to be “directly connected” and representative of the wrongs seen and experienced in “the world today.

While filming, the cast and crew endured extreme heat (just over 110 degrees), rain storms and outback flies, which are apparent throughout the movie. “It always helps to be in real locations,” Pearce said. “That extreme heat, those flies, and that vast expanse of desert — it just adds to it, like you’re putting on a costume. It takes you there.”

Though each role was a deciding factor in choosing to partake in the project, both Pearce and Pattinson remarked that Michod’s directorship was ultimately why they committed to the film. “It wasn’t the role that drew me to the film. It was the script and David that drew me to the film…this time it was really about David being the filmmaker that he is,” Pearce revealed. Pattinson also remarked: “I really like David a lot. I love Animal Kingdom…[the script] just seemed so different and original…it was a bit of a no brainer.”

Audiences can expect to see another set of Pattinsnon’s acting talents in gangster-type film Idol’s Eye alongside Robert De Niro out at the end of this year, which still comes as a surprise to him: “It sounds crazy for me to say…that’s something which I’ve wanted – which I think anyone — would want to do.”
Though the Rover star is seemingly normal and content with the simple things in life, including inflatable furniture, driving a 1989 BMW, and downsizing from a $6.27 million home to a rental, he is a man of mystery. “[I have] lots and lots of secrets, that will remain secrets forever.”

Following the premiere, an exclusive after party at the W Hotel in Westwood drew the likes of Neighbors star Zac Efron, Katy Perry and Michelle Rodriguez. Party-goers were served an assortment of appetizers including sliders, mini pigs in a blanket, chicken skewers and an array of desserts at a chocolate fondue bar.

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New Interview Of Robert Pattinson With Brisbane Times   1 comment

Realy great Robert Pattinson interview with Brisbane Times. Rob talks about his current and future projects


The vampire is dead. Or at least by now he should be. With The Rover, the new film from Animal Kingdom director David Michod, Robert Pattinson has finally shaken off the Twilight tag that threatened to define him forever as an actor.

In The Rover, he has an accent from America’s deep south, bad teeth and a strange emotional dependency on others. It’s a role that has attracted some very positive reviews: Variety critic Scott Foundas talked about ‘‘a career-redefining performance … that reveals untold depths of sensitivity and feeling’’.

Pattinson is a relaxed interview subject. He has a hearty laugh, and the air of someone who hasn’t worked out all his lines in advance, but he’s also ready to explain and explore what interests him. He’s serious about his work, and keen to make movies with people he admires and respects.

He’s aware that he’s getting favourable reviews for The Rover. He’s happy about this, of course, he says, ‘‘because I really love the movie’’. But when it comes to his performance, he admits, ‘‘I always think of it as a work in progress, and it just gets frustrating, thinking about things you could fix.’’

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NEW Robert Pattinson’s Interviews with Direct Matin & A Nous Paris – France   1 comment


ETA: A Nous Paris (you can check the scans at Robert Pattinson France) has an interview with Rob that is the same of Direct Matin interview with a few differences (probably because of the translation). They have an extra question about Life and James Dean. Here’s the translation:

You’re not the one who plays James Dean?
No, it’s Dane Dehaan but it’s funny because there’s similarities to my path, with the fact that everything happened in 2 months, between the moment where he was no one and this incredible success that was dropped on him. The famous picture where we see him smoke at Times Square, it

Teen icon at the beginning of his career, Robert Pattinson definitely settled himself in the Hollywood landscape. In ‘The Rover’ by David Michiôd, he plays a simple minded guy forced to work with his enemy to find his brother in the Australian desert. It’s a controlled shift the British actor admits it was made possible thanks to his meeting with David Cronenberg.

Was it the world of ‘The Rover’ or its character that sparked your interest first in the project?
I found the script really interesting but I had a really strong connection first with my character, especially the way he express himself. I had never seen a character like this before.

Was it difficult to play someone who’s simple minded?
Not at all, it came naturally (laughs). I approached him like a beaten up street dog that would keep on going back to his master for a little bit of affection.

The film imagines a ruined world by men’s madness. Do you think this is where we’re heading with our society?This could happen but I’m more optimistic than that. I have more faith in humanity. In ‘The Rover’, men aren’t completely lost, they all didn’t become mad. Some still have hope and try to revive the Earth. But this economic collapse is totally conceivable.

You play, one after the other, in two movies ‘against the system’: ‘Maps to the Stars’ and ‘The Rover’, are you engaged in politically?
I’m more or less liberal.It’s hard to be an actor and not be liberal by the way. Maybe we should be more worried about the oceans but I don’t take politics very seriously. When you see that most Western countries are under the leadership of a handful of multinational companies, it seems like voting is some kind of a joke.

From teens’ sex symbol to an actor seeked by the biggest directors, what was the secret to your career change?

It took some time. It’s been 4-5 years that I’ve tried to create priviledged relationships with directors whose work I’ve admired and it appeared that things settled at the same time. ‘Cosmopolis’ changed everything. Ever since my meeting with David Cronenberg, my career took a new turn.

You were in Cannes with two movies: ‘The Rover’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’ by David Cronenberg.
It’s one of the most exhilarating places to screen a movie. There’s an incredible energy that dominates over there. I like doing press at Cannes. The journalists are actually interested in the movies and don’t ask you questions like ‘What’s your favorite food?’ In France, journalists love the cinema.

You just finished filming Werner Herzog’s movie ‘Queen of the Desert’ about the spy, Gertrude Bell. Who do you play in it?
I play the young Lawrence of Arabia. He was a close friend of Gertrude Bell during WWI.

You also play the photographer, Dennis Stock in ‘Life’ by Anton Corbijn.
We just got done shooting. I saw the trailer the other day. I play this guy who photographed James Dean right before he became famous. James was unknown at that time.

What else do you have planned?
In November, I’m working with Olivier Assayas in a movie called ‘Idol’s Eye’. It’s a gangster movie on the true story of a group of thieves who robbed a pawnbroker’s shop that belonged to the mafia. It takes place in the 1970s. I met Olivier Assayas two and a half years ago but the project only came to be a few months ago.

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*SCAN* New Robert Pattinson interview with Hello Magazine – Cannes Press Junket   3 comments

*SCAN* New Robert Pattinson interview with Hello Magazine – Cannes Press Junket


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