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Lyrics For Rob’s New Song – We have Some But Help Us Put the Rest Together   26 comments

I have to admit I’m a HUGE fan of Rob’s music. I love the emotion he puts into his voice when he sings. So this morning when I woke up I tried putting together the lyrics… It’s a bit hard, so here’s where I’m asking your help. I’ll write down the parts I “think” he sings. If you guys can help me fill in the gaps or correct the ones I have, maybe we can piece it together! 

So here goes:

I strum a double string, 

My hands play softly on a string now,

And I do believe that honestly,

That I know just where I want to be right now,

There are pictures in her eyes that are a threat for the skies,

So I’ll wait ,

And with our souls misunderstood, 

and our minds they sought to map the way, (??) 

For how long, how long, 

How long must you take? 

I was set for that mistake ,

But you moved, 

When there was nothing that I couldn’t take, 

It’s all on you darling, 

You took me in when my eyes were turned, 

It’s all on you babe, 

You turned your back  when I tried to learn,

Still I cannot lift my eyes, 

If your hands are turned in  mine, 

But you dared now,

What you said  our  souls could contain, (??) 

Could contain,

Now I’m gone, 

With a broken, twisted, soul in mine, 

But for how long? 

Because I wasted this train of youth  all on you,

it’s all on you,

it’s all on you,

all on you, 

all on you,

all on you, 

all on you, 

It’s all on you, 

It’s all on you. 

I cross referenced with this version when I was done as well to see if I could find more words. Thanks to socalmom2four  & PJann21 for help on the second line.