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Marcus Foster mentions Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in an interview with Wales Online   4 comments

Marcus Foster mentions Rob and Kristen in an interview

From Wales Online:

It appears one Robert Pattinson is a friend and it transpires Marcus was at school with the Twilight star.

“Yes I was. We’re good friends, and have been for a long time,” he says. “It’s mad what’s happened to him. I’ve met Kristen Stewart through him, who stars in my latest video (I Was Broken). I asked, and she said she’d do it.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

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*AUDIO* Marcus Foster talks about Robert Pattinson’s version of ‘I was broken’   Leave a comment

Marcus Foster talks about Rob’s version of ‘ I was broken’ and the Jeff Buckley movie. Starts at 1:00

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Marcus Foster mentions Robert Pattinson & Twilight on Radio 2 (UK)   1 comment


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Marcus Foster Speaks About Robert Pattinson and Let Me Sign   2 comments


‘Let Me Sign’ brought you to a lot of people’s attention through the Twilight soundtrack. Were you happy with how Robert Pattinson performed it?

It’s really great. Originally that song was a bit of a joke, it was a clapping song that me and my friend wrote together and he turned it into this really serious, moody song. So it was quite funny. But it was great, we worked it out together and I really like it.

You can read the full interview here.


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New Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson at the Marcus Foster gig in London   7 comments

New fan encounter and picture of Rob at the Marcus Foster gig in London.

Thanks to Fe Pattz at Twifans!


“Hi guys!!!!

After thinking a lot I decided to show you my personal pic of Rob!

I was in Marcus gig in London and was a big surprise to see Rob there as we didn’t know that he was in London. We heard rumors but my friends and i weren’t sure about it.

I can say that he is awesome, really nice and everything people say about him is true. In other words, he is amazing!! And for me this was a dreaming coming true! Was my last week in London and was priceless. the best goodbye gift ever!

Sorry but I had to cut me out of the pic for a personal reason. I don’t have problem to show pics with myself [already showed pics with me here] but this one I have a few reasons.

Well that’s it for now!

ps: What do u think about Rob’s face?? LOL Drunk, bored, sleepy, etc????”

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Fan Picture with Robert Pattinson 09/18/10- Now in HQ   9 comments

Fan picture of Rob at the Marcus Foster gig in London from – now in HQ. Click for HQ.

Read her encounter here | LynneE08 Via RPLife

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Twilight Soundtrack Nominated for a Grammy   2 comments


The Twilight Soundtrack, which features two songs done by Robert Pattinson (Never Think and Let Me Sign) , has been nominated for a Grammy.  Kuddos  to Rob, Sam, Marcus and Bobby. This is a great soundtrack.

The other artists present on the soundtrack are: Muse, Paramore, The Black Ghosts, Linkin Park, MUTEMATH, Perry Farrell, Collective Soul, Blue Foundation, Iron & Wine and Carter Burwell.


Source: via RP Life