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You know I usually only post Rob related info on here but this post is for Marcus today, because I’m disgusted at what Radar Online did to him. Marcus is an incredibly gifted musician and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this, being cornered and interrogated about Rob. It makes me sick that they did this to him.

I think it’s great that Rob introduced us to three great musicians, Marcus, Sam and Bobby who we may have not discovered otherwise. However I find it incredibly sad and low that people will go see these amazing musicians only to see Rob. They should be recognized for what they are, great musicians and not only as Rob’s friends or as  a way of getting to Rob. Sorry this just has to be said.

Here’s my favorite Marcus song. Listen to it. It’s great.

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27 responses to “This one is for Marcus today

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  1. Seriously shameless ‘reporting’ from radar online

  2. Thank you for saying this. Why would you corner a wonderfully talented musician, just to ask him questions about his friend? It’s very insulting to Marcus.

    Radar, you SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. I’m so sick to death of so-called reporters and paparazzi!!!

    Love that you aren’t buying into it FP. Just brilliant.

    Marcus is amazing and you’re right, he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he was!!!

  4. Agreed! I’m so disgusted by these people. I can’t even imagine having the gall to treat someone like that, anyone, much less such a gifted artist as Marcus. They lost out on a great opportunity to get to know this artist better….who he is, what inspires him. Not that I did before, but I guarantee I will never read that crappy site again. Where are the real journalists???

  5. Getting through the first third of that interview was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. And then I couldn’t watch anymore. Marcus, you’re a true, gifted talent in your own right and what that offensive e-rag tried to do to you was disgusting. Know that we’re all not crazy and see and appreciate you for who you are and the great things you bring to our world. Congrats on surviving that BS!

  6. Agreeing with you beyond the shadow of a doubt today FP; on EVERYTHING.
    TRUE fans, such as myself, take the time to truly appreciate these guys and love what they do and the gifts of music that they each give us. I support the LoD’s with every fiber of my being and have nothing but respect for them as extremely talented, beautiful and soulful musicians. Why else would I have flown halfway across the country for less than 24hrs to see Bobby and Sam perform in Nashville for one night? And why else would I be driving 8hrs next week up to Atlanta to see Bobby again & then coming home and driving 4hrs the next day to see Bobby again in Tampa? Because I love them for who they are and the gift that they choose to share with us, not because of who “their friend” is. Yes, “their friend” is the reason I know who they are, but “their friend” is not the reason I love their music.

    That’s all. 🙂

  7. I love this song. I’m listening to it right now and it gives me shivers each time. Love the violin in it.

  8. I didn’t even watch the interview. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I would much rather watch this beautiful video than watch a stupid pap interview.

    • I agree with you FP, I havent watched it either and after being told about it in summary I just can’t believe that they are so down and dirty like that. Radar sucks!

  9. I’m so glad to see your post about this. That was the most horrible excuse for an interview. And did you notice how the quotes in the write up underneath didn’t match the video? Marcus, Bobby and Sam are three incredibly talented guys who just happened to appear on the scene for most of us through their connection to Twilight. However, had they not been what they are, we wouldn’t have stuck around. These guys are trying to make a name for themselves in their own right, seperate from “their friend” and all the mania that surrounds him. Spending an interview with Marcus talking to him about “his friend” is utterly disrespectful of him as an artist and as a person!

    Marcus is one of the guys we know the least about. This is his first trip to the US to share his music with us and I certainly hope he doesn’t think that the treatment he received from this particular “reporter” is typical. It’s insulting to his fans. I agree with GarnetGurl, what a wasted opportunity to get to know this guy better. He so rarely does any kind of press at all and this is what he’s assaulted with. This whole thing has gotten so out of control it is just beyond words.

    I’m so glad to see that there are those of us who have enough sense to see when someone is being used and call it out for what it is.

  10. Thank you for saying that. All of this mess is truly disgusting and makes me cringe whenever I see or hear of something like this happening. Thank you also for not posting any of the awful pics that the papz took of Rob (and whoever he was with) yesterday. I’m not even going to look at them because I’m so ashamed of the papz. I mean, when is this going stop?

    I completely agree with you. Marcus, along with Bobby and Sam, are amazing musicians and we as fans are lucky that we have now been able to enjoy their music. I just hope that they all realize that they do have real, true fans out there that appreciate them and their musical talent/abilities and are NOT fans because they think they”ll see Rob at a show.

    Thank you for this post, I’m so glad that you spoke up and I seriously hope that stupid things like this, do not discourage Marcus or Bobby or Sam from continuing to persue their musical careers. They all have some wicked talent and it would be a great loss to their fans, to not have their music.

    Ooops…I’m so sorry for the long post….I guess I was a little more upset than I thought. and FP….I love your blog and read it everyday!

  11. omgosh…i thought it was AWFUL what radar did. it’s disgusting and twisted. Marcus rocks in a major way so this is a sad representation. Why can’t the paps and gossip folks just crawl under a rock and go away! true fans don’t WANT this. sigh…..My fav Marcus song is “You, My Love” check it out on itunes. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait til he comes back to LA

  12. I haven’t heard what Radar online did.
    But I have seen Marcus play and he is great! His CD, is I can’t think of the word to describe it. He was so nervous in Dallas, and it was just so cute and he did a wonderful job.

  13. agree 100% .

    am so upset and angry about this. it is the exact thing i was worried about. i havent watched the video as i know it will just make me too sad. i now cant access the website anyway, have they taken it down or blocked me? says ‘access denied’ whatever. Radar, are the lowest. how could they do this to Marcus?! If they genuinely want to talk to him fine, ask about HIM, HIS music. DO NOT corner him and interrogate him about Rob. and not just talk to him, film it?! am trying to calm down, trying not to write swear words on your blog FP. seriously.. can we not do something? about this and about the rooftop pics from yesterday? Marcus (and Rob) should take legal action.

  14. Radar online sucks, I am happy I am not following them on twitter.

    Firstly if I had been Marcus on that interview I’d walk up and say “is this an interview with me or you digging for dirt, if so go elsewhere, I’m out” but he is too professional for that it seems, or it’s the Brit politeness that get in the way…

    I gotta admit I’d never hear about these 3 musicians if it had not been for Rob, I may had shown interest in them still if I stumbled across them regardless cos I like TALENTS, not connections. But it just so happened it was thru Rob I heard about them. Just like I have discovered OTHER artists thru other heroes of mine. Nothing wrong with that. But to go to their concerts JUST to hope to see Rob and to interview them JUST to ask about Rob is pathetic. I would LOVE to see either of them live, just to see how they ARE live. I like their music and the music seems perfect for an intimate setting like small clubs are. So for me I just wanna see how THEY are live, if Rob would show up or not…hey cool either way but I’d be damned if I would be there just to see HIM there. I go to concerts to see a band or an artist, not which celeb may or may not be in the audience!

    FP that song is beautiful! Love it!

  15. So sad that Marcus, Bobby and Sam are getting lost in all of this – they are extremely talented and completely deserve so much more respect than what they have received from both “fans” and media in the States. Wouldn’t blame any of them one bit if they decided not to return / share their live music again after how they have been received.

    • I agree with everything you said. I hope that doesnt happen because they are great musicians, but all this attention just for paps to get at Rob is disgusting. They are wonderful people and wonderful musicians and deserve to stand in their own spotlights.

  16. This is an AWESOME post! I totally agree, they are all exorbitantly talented in their own light and should be shown respect for that! I was at all the shows and was excited that Rob was there but I was just as excited to see Marcus & Bobby play. Their songwriting capability and their musical talent blow me away every time I see them play live. The one thing I hope is that Marcus, Sam, Bobby and even Rob see that we (the fans) appreciate the three of them for their talents and personalities, not because of who they are friends with. When they do the meet and greets after the show it is the fans telling them how much we LOVE THEM.. not RP! I am sure they see that!

    I also hope that Rob was able to see that at the shows. Yes, there were a lot of paps.. doing all the same stupid things they always do but the fans were (for the most part) respectful to BL & MF and even gave Rob his space. Especially on the last night!

    Anyway.. good job on the article, it’s GREAT!

    • I totally agree with you. I am thankful of Rob’s connection to these gifted musicians because otherwise I might never have found them…I was at the shows too and Rob walked through the crowd several times last night and I was happy that people just let him pass, I moved out of his path a little to give him some space. I was in the alley when Rob first arrived and walked out of the parking structure and the paps were SO CRAZY in his face and yelling things at him. Really hard to see in person…

  17. I’ve been lucky enough to see Sam’s amazing show live, and hope I have the opportunity to see Bobby and Marcus as well. I understand that their live shows are just as incredible.

    Thank you for giving them the support they need and deserve.

  18. I don’t know what Radar online did..but all i can say is that Marcus Foster is a great musician, i’ve only heard his music on youtube or a couple of songs i have on my laptop but if i could go to one of his concerts man i wouldn’t doubt it for a second (i live in chile).
    In fact i’ve been listening to Marcus, Bobby’s and Sam’s music al day.

  19. so instead of responding to everyone who has commented separatey i will just say i agree with all of you. i couldn’t even read what those jerks said. i was going to cry about it. it is shameful and it is jsut plan wrong to do that. rob might be the reason why i started to listen to these three amazing musicians but that wasn’t the only reason. i want’ed to hear there other songs and they are amazing better then most of the singers that are signed artists. LOD are amazing. i would love ot see a show of any of them in sofla. i know one of them will be in the keys in a acouple of weeks but three hours to drive there and coming back to miami is to much for me. i really want to see them LIVE for the amazing music. i am thankful for rob for suggesting these musicians if it wasn’t him i wouldn’t know about them at all. it is just shameful all of them not just radar, tmz, bauergriffin and the worst x-17 but all of them. personally if it was me i would take legal action. paps and shameful investigative journalists are sick and disgraceful people. i just really hope these fantastic artists will come back to the states and see that they have fans for there music and not because rob might show up. i would love to have a convo with any them but about there music not about how the meet rob or what is rob like. i would ask them about there amazing songs and why they are in the music business.

  20. Sorry you will probably hate me for this but I have to say: Why are those three touring the US now whilst the Rob hype? Seems to me they want a piece of that cake………it’s always easy when you have famous friends and lets face it, apart from a few exeptions most of the girls just go to their concerts or listen to their music because of Rob and it doesn’t change even if they repeat for the thousands time they like them because they are talented musicians. bla bla bla

    • If you have nothing nice to say maybe you should keep your comments to yourself hmmm?

      Your comment is distasteful. Why even bother to post that? Maybe you haven’t considered the fact that some people do appreciate musicians for their talents even if they do have a famous friend. Have you thought of that?

      Personally I love Sam, Bobby and Marcus and I’m glad I’ve had a chance to discover them through Rob.

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    • Yes I thought of that and I don’t think my post was distasteful Why are they touring the US right now, coincindence? Doesn’t it help that they have such a famous friend and that he has the biggest fanbase in the US? I never said they weren’t talented up to now I didn’t listen to their music yet, so I wouldn’t make any statement!!

      I just say it’s not suprising that people from the press are jumping on them. That’s show business.

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