Pics of Robert Pattinson arriving at the Teen Choice Awards – TCA – 09/08/2009   24 comments

  Pics of Rob arriving at the TCA



Source:  Socialite Life and source and source



24 responses to “Pics of Robert Pattinson arriving at the Teen Choice Awards – TCA – 09/08/2009

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  1. shit, that’s hot

  2. Seriously dying ahhh thank you mucho Rob.

  3. Oh and mucho thank you to FP!!!! X

  4. LOL! He’s wearing Marcus Foster’s shirt! Anything NOT to go clothes shopping…i lurve him madly!

  5. You left out the best one! Where’s ‘ma monkey man’?

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  7. Thank you justfp for the super yummy pics of Rob at the TCA.

    BTW … I know I don’t comment but I check your site every day & more than once. LOL. I love your style, what you post and what you write about. If it’s BS you call it BS. You’re my kinda girl! (Je suis Canadienne française moi aussi.) *wink*

  8. Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm! Notice the hawt sexhair growing (wink,wink) back to it’s lusty longer length!! Mmmmmm- it’s sooo good!!


  10. I. Can’t. Breathe…

  11. A big thank you for all these updates!! I can always count on this site having the latest news and photos. Can’t wait to actually see the show!

  12. he’s so dreamy…. 😉 love his eyes and his sex hair!!! also love the scruffiness, doesn’t matter what he wears he looks great! 🙂

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