ToR will be a pap free zone for the day   17 comments

Today ToR is going to be a pap free zone. There will be no pap pics or videos from last night (or today) being posted on here. I’m having a pap pic / video overdose right now. Therefore I won’t be posting any.  

I don’t care if lose hits over it. Hits are not the only thing that matter to me.

We will however be covering the TCAs tonight and be posting pics and vids as it is a public event.


Posted August 9, 2009 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

17 responses to “ToR will be a pap free zone for the day

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  1. Thanks FP I kinda feel the same way too and I too am overwhelmed by the pap pics and videos and last nights pap pics are just too creepy

  2. I like this idea. A cleansing if you will, and don’t feel bad about having a Rob site. You are one of the good guys in this. One of the reasons why I come to your blog. 🙂

  3. I have to admit, I was offline most of yesterday. I logged in late was told what happened, looked at the pics & vid and left 1 tweet.

    “I dont even know what to say *sigh*”

    and I logged off.
    I felt like shit. I felt so guilty for being a fan, being a blogger. It was a dark day.

    Papp pics are one thing but these were clearly invasive, clearly taken without their knowledge.

    I stand with you FP and Amber, this is not what my Rob Bubble is about.

    ❤ Ya

  4. I stand behind you 100%! It almost looks like me and you planned this together!

    Every time I tried to start blogging about something on Rob last night, first I had a hard time finding anything non-R&K to have fun with and then I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. I felt like they had suffered enough for one weekend and even though what I write is meant to be fun and not at all negative, I just didn’t want to do it at all.


    • Ugh I just can’t believe all the bullshit that has happened in the past few days. I don’t even know what to say. As JAG said it’s a dark day to be a blogger.

  5. FP please don’t feel bad. If anything you’ve been one of the biggest advocates for respect for Rob’s privacy and person. We would be fans regardless of the intrusive paping that’s been taking place of late because we appreciate more than just his looks. This is what the paps have been waiting for. It’s a feeding frenzy for them. He’ll be in Vancouver soon and hopefully have time to relax a little, even tho he’s filming, and some of the pressure will hopefully be taken off of him with all the other high profile cast members around him. Maybe he’ll remember how to smile.

  6. Yeah….all the crap from the last few days has definitely left a bitter aftertaste and it kinda takes away the enjoyment of being a Rob fan. Its one thing with publicity shots, red carpets,official stuff but those pics from last night were so far over the line that it was just a tiny dot on the horizon. Totally invasive, the madness has just gotten so much more intense over the summer and quite frankly I’m a bit worried about where its going to end. With filming for Eclipse starting in a few days I can imagine its going to get infinitely worse and I hope that Summit change their mind about it being an open set which is a shame because the behaviour of a small number of individuals (paps and crazy fans) spoil the enjoyment of those that can conduct themselves in a civilised manner. You guys shouldnt feel bad though, I think that you do a great job, FP and co and also JAG over at RAoR too.

  7. Just visiting to show my support of this. I feel the same way and it’s nice to know others are similarly affected, empathetic to the situation and trying to do what they can. More fail today. It’s not right.

  8. Completely with you on that, hon. The pics have just been too much to handle lately.

  9. thanks a lot for keeping this blog pap-stuff free! can’t stand the sucking pap-pics any longer and appreciate your statement!

  10. Good choice, sorry for my pour English but i need to tell that THIS IS A REALLY GOOD SITE, thanks thanks thanks for “the silence of paparazzi’s day”, i cant stand rumors and gossip anymore!!! Stop with “Robsten”, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Robert and Kristen, best wishes for whatever you want, don’t stop acting!!!
    A big huge from a tired italian fan!

  11. Thank you for taking the stand. Seriously. I’m so glad to see the fansites doing this. I know it might be a tough stand to take, but it needs to be done.

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