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Remember tinkrbe1l3 who saw Rob at Marcus’s show Friday night? She was lucky enough to meet him again last night and she sent me her encounter as well as a pic she took with Rob. Since I decided that today will be a pap free / fan pic free day here on ToR I will not be posting the picture but you can find it on Robsessed. I will however post her encounter because it’s cute 🙂 Thanks for sending it to me tinkrbe1l3!

Here it is:

Sooooo…me again and do I have a story for you (can u tell by the pic???). This one is a little longer because of the build up but it’s a goood story IMHO. Where did we leave off from Friday night: I’m a moron. I don’t know how to talk to people I adore. I don’t know how to look at people I adore. My best friend rocks. Did I mention what I do for a living? I teach public speaking. Yeah. Seriously.

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Here’s how I gave myself a Cher (Moonstruck) slap and snapped outta it. During Marcus’ show Friday night he mentioned he’d might play the piano for his Saturday show. I’m a sucker for some good piano playin’ and since my brain was melting on Friday, I didn’t get to really take in the show like I wish I could have. So I considered going again if there were tix and if I could get someone to come with. There WERE tix (crazy!) and I got a friend to tag along (not the best friend who was busy). All was good. I knew Rob wasn’t gonna come because…I don’t know. That’s just what I told myself at the time. My goal? Marcus on the keys. This is when it all starts to be God/kismet/meant to be/luck/whatever you pray to because if Marcus didn’t mention the piano, I wouldn’t have gone to see him again.

My friend had asked me earlier in the day what my ultimate goal was here with Rob (she was just getting the story of the night prior). I said I suppose the icing on the cake is a pic with him. I added since that was near impossible considering his popularity, I’d settle for a distant viewing of him at a public appearance of his choosing (trying to respect the man, trying to respect the man). We get to the show and we’re at the end of the line but its ok. No pressure tonight. Go inside and grab a good spot at the front and hear the opening act. He was great! Kevin Earnest. Well Mr. Earnest played his set with a violinist and a cellist. Suuuper sexy. At least to me. I’m a sucker for strings. Keys and strings. He mentions he’s selling cds after his show and I know I gotta get it if he’s got the strings going on. After the show he doesn’t seem too sure where he’s selling stuff (???) so I take it upon myself to go towards the entrance in the back and ask the merchandise ladies what’s up. I tell my friend to hold down the fort, I’m gonna go get a cd. And here we go….

I walk to the back and the ladies don’t know what’s up with the guys cd but I see Marcus has his live disc for sale (awesome cd btw). I go to buy it when the world shifts to slow-mo and the door right by me busts open. I turn to see what startled me and see random flashes outside. Who was it that came in like a living god? Rob. Robert. Robert Pattinson. He looked dead at me (there was no where else TO look, that’s how small this area was). What did I do? Looked away immediately and made an audible gasp (reference the first story to understand why I’m a moron). I shoved myself away from the merchandise desk as if I was struck and backed up against the wall. Whether I was trying to give space for the gorgeous living god before me or melt into the wall to disappear, I don’t know. Here’s what I was saying in my head: Breathe. You can’t stop breathing. Why are you alone?!? Where is your best friend?!? Where are your legs?!? Keep breathing.

I had no plan WHATSOEVER to take a pic. I couldn’t move let alone grab my camera out of my pocket but I’ll forever be indebted to this bold, slightly obnoxious, woman. I hear someone say quite casually, “Oh my god, can I have a picture?” She then gave Marcus her camera (where did HE come from?!?!) and Rob laughs (LAUGHS!!!) and says something like: he’s gotta be in it too, he’s Marcus. This didn’t faze the woman. She had Marcus take her shot then gave Rob her camera to take a pic of Marcus and her. This all happened in front of my petrified eyes but something was simmering. Her boldness was sprinkling out onto me. I had tried to tell them all I could take the pic but it came out barely in a whisper and no one heard. I don’t know if I actually even said it out loud now. But I had to do something else to inject myself into the situation or I would never forgive myself. I got my opening.

After her camera show, I increased my vocal volume and asked Rob if I too could have a picture…please. He said sure. But then! There was commotion over back by the merchandise ladies. Rob’s posse of Brits were saying something which made Marcus ask something which made Rob turn away (ACK!!!) to see what was up (it wasn’t anything and I really didn’t care if it was something). I asked bold girl if she’d take a pic for me and she said of course (that is if he remembered me…ha!). But he did. He turned back around (we’re still operating in slow-mo here) and I put my arm around his waist (help) and he put his arm across my back or shoulder or waist (damn that part is foggy) and I smiled for the camera. He’s very serious in the pic and looks tired (although surprisingly younger in person) and I felt a little bad. As he walked away and I struggled to collect myself, I let the first thing that came to mind tumble from my mouth. “Congratulations on all your success.” His back had been turned to me at that point as he was leaving the small foyer but he turned around and flashed me thee smile. The genuine, classic, Rob smile and said, “Thank you so much.” And then he was gone and I floated far far away. I didn’t get the smile shot he threw at me but it’s ok. Feels more intimate that way 😉 It’s imprinted in my memory only. I saw him from a distance sporadically through the night (I think the woman’s bold dust sprinkled on him too) as he moved about but I already had my moment. All that’s left to say is veni vidi vici.

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  1. aaahhh that’s the sweetest fan encounter I have ever read, and whereas usually I am gripped with envy, I really wasnt on reading this. This fan had a reaction that I think most moderate , good willed fans would have~aaawwwww. I am genuinely pleased for her :D.

    Thanks for allowing us to share it with you.


  2. It’s a great story!!!
    I saw him at comic con, when he was in a car and only I was there in the street I beg to turn down the window but he was just smiling and saiyng bye with his hand….i’m from mexico so, was a really sucess for me been so close!!
    Thanks for the story

  3. this is very cool. he went out 3 nights in a row. and he even went alone lastnight. sounds like he was out and about the place instead of hideing like he did the last few nites when he was with Kstew. I wonder why that is???? she is a very lucky girl. she got lastnight what i would do anything for.

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